Xmas Day: Eddsworld Christmas Special '09 is a Christmas-themed animation. It is a poem written by Edd Gould, narrated by Josh Tomar and set to an arrangement of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" by Thomas Ridgewell. The song's story involves Edd, Tom and Matt's misfortunes during what seems to be their worst Christmas ever.


'Twas the day of Christmas and already awake
Was an excited young Edd, excited as cake
He summoned the others and ran to the tree
To uncover the presents awaiting them three
As they grabbed their gifts, they unwrapped them fast
But their joyful expressions sure didn't last

Edd got a bottle of Discount Coke
Matt, a joke book with only one joke
For his present this year, Tom received a poster
Of a picture of Matt admiring a toaster
The cards they read, which increased their woe
Were letters from fans (Can I be on your show?)

The phone suddenly rang, disrupting their sadness
On the line was Matt's grandma He answered with gladness
She wasn't too happy about the fact
That he hadn't called her for two years flat
Several more hours later after the phone call was finished
Edd's Christmas feast was done, and the others were famished

Edd presented his bird for them to admire
But little did he know it was still on fire
The fire then spread to the potatoes and mash
Soon the whole dinner was alight in a flash
Then after the fire was extinguished with gravy
They rescued dear Matt, still screaming like a lady

They sat on their sofa and turned on the telly
And soon their sad faces were transformed into merry
So, to make the most of your Christmas, there's really only one way
Anyone can enjoy the television, even those who hate this day.


  • When Edd wakes up Tom, there is a Tomee Bear on his bed.

References to other media

  • One of the actors on the TV resembles real-life actor Nicholas Cage and is confirmed by the website as a created loop.
  • Before the TV cuts out, there is a man resembling The Doctor on the TV.


  • The YouTube version replays again with no audio. "(Then the video plays again with no audio... Weird right?)" appears in the subtitles.


  • This is the first time there are dark green outline around Eddsworld during the intro.
  • Tom was making the same face throughout the whole entire eddisode.


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