aka Ben Rudman

  • My occupation is Voice Actor
  • I am Male

Benjamin Rudman as "Mark"

About me

Hi, I'm Ben Rudman! I'm a voice over actor and I enjoy editing wiki pages in my spare time. I love the written word. When written correctly, there is nothing better!

A little about me, I am a member of several wiki's including the Official Team Fortress Wiki.

I created The Dalokohs Bar, in the video game Team Fortress 2, and I voice Mark, in the Eddsworld.

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you need any help!

Ben's Wiki Advice No.1 - "Always edit pages in "Source" view. All wiki's are edited like this, and this offers you more flexibility. You would do well to get used to editing like this, as it will make your pages look better in future."

Ben's Wiki Advice No.2 - "Document FACT. Don't document your own opinion of a subject as fact on a page unless it is a wide speculation by many, and even then, put it somewhere such as trivia. I have seen a lot of pages here claiming things that are clearly not true."

Ben's Wiki Advice No.3 - "Keep pages consistent when they retain the same category. For example character pages, should all share the same layout."


My favorite pages

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