Trick or Threat

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Release date

October 23, 2015

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Credits • Brandon Turner (animator)
Thomas Ridgewell (writer and voice of Tom)
Eddie Bowley (co-writer)
• Todd Bryanton (music and singing voice)
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Trick or Threat is an Eddsworld Halloween short, animated by Brandon "Wazzaldorp" Turner, and released on October 23, 2015. This episode was made entirely in secret, until it was revealed on Eddsworld's official Twitter page. It features an original song sung by Todd Bryanton.


Late at night, on Halloween

Tom and Edd were fast asleep

While Matt watched TV and ate some sweets

A little girl knocked and said "Trick or Treat!"

Matt slammed the door and took a seat

But suddenly, she was on the screen

The lights flickered, this wasn't a dream

She leapt at him and he screamed!

Edd ran out to save Matt's life

Matt was gone... but now he had a knife!

Matt swung, and Edd fell to his knees

He looked at him and he began to plead

Edd: "What happened Matt? Have you gone insane?"

Matt: "I can't help it, Edd! She's inside my brain!"

Matt plunged the knife right into Edd

But it hit Edd's lucky can instead

Edd ran off, found a place to hide

Matt couldn't find him even though he tried

Edd felt like he was in the clear

Until he saw her eyes, and screamed in fear

Matt rushed over and opened the door

And Edd jumped out with a furious roar

They both fought so savagely

That the little girl clapped her hands with glee

Tom burst in, they stopped in surprise

Tom: "I'm trying to sleep! C'mon, knock it off, guys!"

She stared at Tom with an evil grin

But her powers had no effect on him

So Tom kicked out her out the door

And said Tom:"Don't come back anymore!"

The curse on Matt and Edd was gone

So they both turned and looked at Tom,

Edd: "Why couldn't she possess your mind?"

Tom: "You can't possess something TWICE."



  • This is the first episode animated by Brandon Turner, although it has been announced that he is animating a Christmas episode, which comes out on December 18th, 2015.
  • This is the first holiday-themed Eddsworld animation to be released since the death of Edd Gould (that being Zanta Claws III in 2010), as well as the first Halloween-themed Eddsworld animation to be released since Matt Sucks in 2008.
  • This is the first musical Eddsworld episode that was mainly focused on an original song.
  • This short was released on Eddsworld co-writer/producer Eddie Bowley's birthday, though it's most likely a coincidence.
  • This episode reveals that Tom was possessed throughout the entire show, or at least since Zombeh Nation.
  • This is the first (and currently only) eddisode to use 4K resolution.
  • In the first part where the little girl knocked on the door, it looked like Dora The Explorer's arm because it looked dark and the short sleeve is pink (however, the girl has blond hair).


  • When the Eddsworld logo dissolves into bats, one of the bats looks identical to Vampire Matt's bat form from Matt Sucks.
  • In the first shot of the house, Edd's broken sword from Mirror Mirror can be seen thrown into a recycling bin.
    • The bin has "RECYCLE GLASS" printed on it, a reference to Spares.
  • In the same shot, a kid can be seen wearing a costume very similar to that of Charlie Brown's ghost costume from It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
    • The kid is also holding a rock, which was part of a running gag in the movie.
  • The moon appears to have a face similar to the moon from the Nintendo 64 game, "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask."
  • Edd's ASDFLand photo from Fun Dead can be seen on his nightstand.
  • In the scene where Edd and Tom are sleeping, Tom can be seen holding Tomee Bear while he sleeps.
  • A photo of Paul can be seen above Matt while he watches TV.
  • One of the snacks Matt is eating is "Lobster-flavored MATTchos", referencing Matt's real life counterpart Matt Hargreaves and his screen name: MattLobster.
  • The Little Girl who possesses Matt and Edd is actually Kate from Thomas Ridgewell's cartoon series Crash Zoom!
  • One of the channels the TV flickers to while the little girl is possessing it features a cat wearing a helmet in space, a reference to the "Space Cats" movie from MovieMakers.
    • The opening to Fun Dead is also breifly shown here.
  • While Edd is running to save Matt, he passes several photos, these include:
    • A picture of Matt and Tord
    • Pictures of the Game Grumps (Arin Hanson & Dan Avidan)
      • Brandon Turner, who animated the eddisode, is popular for making Game Grumps animations.
  • After Edd falls to his knees, Zanta's Grave from Zanta Claws III can be seen behind him.
  • Edd's lucky can returns from WTFuture.
  • While Matt is searching for Edd, he wears a small cardboard box on his head, a reference to Hide and Seek.
  • More pictures are seen when Matt runs to the closet door:
    • A picture of Ross O'Donovan (also part of Game Grumps)
    • A picture of Laurel from MovieMakers.
  • When Tom bursts in, a picture of Dom can be seen.


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