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Tord Says: Whatever! is an animation by Edd Gould. It was uploaded to Newgrounds on September 21, 2005 at 12:33 AM EDT. It is set to the song "United States of Whatever" by Liam Lynch.


The video starts with the word "WHATEVER" fading in, after which Tord is shown saying "Whatever!".

The first part is about Tord going to the beach to see Kiki who says "Euugh", which makes Tord angrily yell "Whatever". We then see a girl come to Tord saying "Aren't you that guy?" with Tord saying "Whatever" yet again.

After that, we see Tord at the Pool Hall as a girl swoons over him, which leads to him yelling "Whatever". There is then a musical section, as we see Tord pledging his allegiance to the flag of the United States, but then we see him in a presidential campaign of sorts with his logo being a communist logo. He then puts a fork into a electric socket.

It is now 3PM and Tord is wearing his leather jacket. Tom then comes up to Tord trying to mug him, but Tord just says "Whatever". We then see Tord illegally throwing dice under a bridge, which the police (represented by Matt) try to stop, but Tord says "Whatever". We then see Edd and Tord talking:

Tord: "Yo, ZapBoy. What's up?"

Edd: Nothing."

Tord: "That's cool."

We come back to the music, which mostly reuses animation from the first musical section, but now we see Tord as the President. We see Tord, the police and Tom before the music ends as we see the word "whatever" fade on the screen.


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