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Tord was a main protagonist in Eddsworld and the animated counterpart of Tord Larsson.


In early animations and comics, Tord had dark hair, pale skin, and wore a black coat. In later appearances, Tord had light brown hair with two points in the front. Tord wore a red hoodie over a grey top, dark grey trousers and black shoes. Tord also had a Pickelhaube, a type of helmet worn by German soldiers in World War One. Tord is the second shortest compared to Edd, Matt, and Tom.



Tord is generally portrayed as a trigger-happy hentai addict. Tord does not get along with Tom and dislikes the song "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" by Lesley Gore.

Portrayal in "The End"

Tord after the events of "The End".

In "The End", Tord is portrayed as more cunning, menacing, and villainy. Tord constantly gives Tom a hard time and denies any friendship with Edd when the latter says he "thought they were friends". Tord's supposed goal was to retrieve a Giant Robot that got left behind and take over the world, but the robot got destroyed.

Departure from the show

Due to Tord Larsson no longer wanting a main role in Edd's animations and comics, Tord is shown moving out and driving away at the beginning of "25ft Under the Seat." However, the character continued to show up in minor cameo appearances, most notably in "WTFuture" and "PowerEdd" until his full return for "The End."



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