Tomee Bear is Tom's stuffed bear. It has made many cameo appearances throughout Eddsworld.


In a Vokle recording, (recorded on June 10th 2012 at 3:00) Tom stated that before Eddsworld, Edd had a series called Bendee Stick and Tom had a character called TomeeStick. When Eddsworld started, Edd made Tomee Bear as a recurring Easter egg of sorts.

Appearances to date

  • It first appeared in Ruined, on Tom's bed.
  • It appeared again in Zanta Claws, where Zanta gave it to a girl on his nice list; after eating her brother's head, since he was on the naughty list.
  • It appeared in an exhibit in 25ft under the seat, as well as appearing behind a young Tom playing with some blocks while Tom's life is flashing before his "eyes".
  • Tomee Bear has a small appearance in Matt Sucks on top of the shelf behind Tom when he walks in the door, seeing Matt biting garlic.
  • Tomee Bear also appeared in a comic, where Edd complains that there's nothing on TV. So Matt puts one on it.
  • Tomee Bear appeared very briefly in Xmas Day, in Tom's bed when Edd wakes up Tom on Christmas Morning.
  • The bear once again reappears in WTFuture, this time on top of Edd's drawer.
  • In Hammer & Fail (Part 1), the Tomee bear seems to be brought to Matt's new room along with his junk.
  • Two Tomee bears are seen in Zanta Claws III. The first one was a giant one that had a santa hat and coat that a family had before Tom wrecked their house. The second one was Tom's that was by the couch when Zanta went into his grave in the gang's house.
  • The bear returns in Hammer & Fail (Part 2) on the sofa when the gang comes in to confront the ghost.
  • The bear is found in Commander Bai's storage room in Space Face amongst the rest of his 'superior technology'.
  • The bear appears as a prize in the Tin Gallery in Fun Dead
  • You can see Tomee Bear hiding in the background on the official PowerEdd poster.
  • In the flashback in PowerEdd, you can see Tomee Bear in Tom's arms, who sits next to Edd.
  • In the first scene of Mirror Mirror, Tomee Bear can be seen in a cup that is next to Paul's Photo.
  • In the animated music video, Trick or Threat, at the beginning of the video, you can see Tom holding Tomee Bear whilst asleep.
  • The Tomee Bear can be found at the beginning of Christmas Eddventure sitting on the couch with Edd and Matt
  • In The End, he can be seen intact in the "things" from their old house.
  • In Fan Service 2 he can be seen on the table. Matt also remarks that the author of the inappropriate fanfiction he is reading found a way to "stick Tomee Bear in there...waaaay in there."


  • The Tomee Bear is most known for its likeness to Tom, whom the Tomee Bear is based on (The same brown spiky hair and black unibrow).
  • His name is also based off of Tom's name (Tomee Bear), and has the same unibrow as Tom's early design.
  • It is implied that there is more than one Tomee Bear, seeing that there is one that belongs to a girl, one that belongs to the family in Zanta Claws III, one that belongs to the Atlantis Museum, one belonging to Tom, one belonging to Edd and one belonging to Matt.
  • On April 29th 2010, Edd received a fan-made Tomee Bear in the mail.
  • Tomee Bear resembles Tom when he had a unibrow.
  • Tomee Bear appears to belong to Tom. It only ended up with Matt when Tom lost it at some point. Edd also has a copy.
  • Tomee Bear's only function is to sit there. However, in the eddisode "Zanta Claws", The Tomee Bear copy made a little noise when it landed in the young girl's arms.
  • The Tomee Bear's cameo appearances are similar to those of the cursed idol in Happy Tree Friends.
  • Tom's 3rd most prized possession (first being his bass, second being his computer) is his Tomee Bear. It is seen in almost every Eddisode in his room.
  • Right before Tom answered the Vokle question (asked by Vokler Melissa Avalos) he said, "Whoever edits the Eddsworld wikia page, listen up." And a few seconds later, this page was up.


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