Tom's Tales of Brilliance is the second installment of a series of tales written and voiced solely by Tom and animated by Edd. Many recurring jokes appear throughout, such as the Canadians. 


Tom narrates the intro, talking how Edd and Tom made Tom's Tales of Awesome. He introduces the next episode, Tom's Tales of Brilliance.

Tom goes inside a fish shop, where he meets an eccentric fishmonger who, shortly after yelling at him, allows Tom to buy his fish. When Tom says there is no fish, the fishmonger grabs him and exclaims that the fish are invisible and runs to an escape pod. Tom's hair then randomly catches on fire.

Tom skis off a cliff and falls to his death. Now a ghost, Tom decides to make the most of this by going to the National Card Stacking Championships in Canada. While a Canadian puts the last two cards on the top of his card house, Tom looks up a woman's skirt and gets an erection.

After laughing for no reason whatsoever, a taco appears. Tom decides to use a spoon-activated time machine because he was bored. He gets transported into the future, where everyone is upside down. Tom concludes that the future is stupid. Three seconds later, he is upside down like everyone else. He greets a squirrel, which proceeds to jump on him and steal his eyebrows.

Tom rages at different things; he throws a cork into a trombone while yelling at it, closes his door on some Christmas carollers, and shouts at two kids playing on his lawn.

A professor congratulates Tom for graduating from the School of Awesome. Tom happily says that now he can fulfil his dream of becoming a superhero. He flies up in the air, only to get sucked into an aeroplane's jet engine. The co-pilot in the plane thinks that they've hit someone, but the pilot tells him to shut up as things could be worse. Just then, a gang of ninjas invade the cockpit.

Tom has a new camera and decides to make a show called the "Really Cool Detective Show". Detective Cool, portrayed by Tom, is relaxing at his desk when his client tells him that there was a bank robbery. Detective Cool flies to the crime scene and asks the investigator for input. As the investigator states the obvious, the robber, who surprisingly looks like Bing, runs past them. Detective Cool runs after the robber and catches him.



  • Instead of fish being on the table in the Fish Shop, there was a carrot.
  • Tom has since expressed disdain towards the dick joke Edd made when Ghost Tom looks up a woman's skirt, as he explained that he was simply sending Edd the voice clips and was "always very against all the dick jokes that Edd tried to work into the show."
  • Two of the carolers have the same hairstyle as Tom.
  • After the part about the taco, Tom's voice becomes more scruffier. After the part about Tom graduating from the School of Awesome, it changes back.
  • The sign at the bank says "Really Cool Crime Scene".
  • The investigator has a name tag that's upside down, which says "Crime Guy",
  • Between the scenes of Tom becoming a superhero and Tom making a detective show, there is a short intermission featuring what appears to be Arnold Schwarzenegger's head speaking gibberish.
  • The robber's bag has the word "Swag" on it.
  • The robber seems to be based off of Christopher "Bing" Bingham, but is voiced by Thomas Ridgewell.
  • The post credits song is sung by Tom again in Bang, Boom, Splat!.

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