Tom's Tales of Awesome is the first installment of the series of tales written and voiced solely by Tom and animated by Edd.


"Hello, good sir! I'm a giant lemon!"

Tom narrates the intro, talking about the history of his and Edd's partnership, then introduces the episode.

The opening scene shows Tom standing by a red button. Tom presses it and walks away whistling. The scene then shifts to Canada, where a Mountie is talking about how much he wants to ride his moose when his head suddenly disappears.

Tom is walking around a white void when he is stopped by a giant lemon. After introducing each other, the lemon refuses to let him pass because "[he] is an asshole". Tom responds by shoving the lemon off a cliff, sending it into a giant juicer. Tom then decides to jump into the juicer.

Tom is walking along and finds a magic penny, which tells him to make some wishes. Tom asks for infinite wishes, causing the penny to self-destruct in confusion. Tom, covered in ash, continues walking along.

Tom gets amazed by a chair and calls Edd over to admire it. A few seconds later, they get bored. Edd suggests that they play Tetris, causing Tom to run offscreen in excitement; he eventually gets distracted by a lamp.

Tom is hanging from the edge of a cliff, about to fall. Suddenly, Captain State the Obvious arrives and states the obvious to Tom. Tom gets frustrated and sarcastically shouts "Oh well, thank you, Captain State the Obvious!" Captain State the Obvious says that's all he wanted to hear and flies off. Later, Apathetic Bloke arrives. Tom just lets go of the ledge and falls to his death.


  • Apathetic Bloke's hairstyle is similar to the one Matt had at the time.
  • The Canadian appears again in Tom's Tales of Brilliance.
  • Tom breaks the fourth wall twice in this episode.
  • One of the skits show Tom and someone who resembles Edd getting excited by seeing a chair. Another features Tom clinging onto a cliff-edge for dear life while Captain S.T.O. says what Tom is doing. These two skits would be combined and be featured in Zanta Claws (minus the Edd-like guy and Tom clinging onto a cliff-edge). "Hey, he just stopped at that house right over there. Hey, I just stated the obvious. Ooh, look, a chair!"
  • Tom is singing "Oh, I'm just walking along in a random white void, looking for an interesting plot development" before he meets the lemon.
  • This episode can be seen in Bang, Boom, Splat! during Level 3.
  • All of the sound effects were done by Tom.

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