Toaster Brains is the first Eddsworld book and is available on It contains comics 19-110 and features Edd Gould's signature and lots of sketches done by Edd in the back, including some guest comics.


  • The name "Toaster Brains" is obviously based off of how one of Edd's clones got a toaster for a brain unlike all the other clones, as seen during the title sequence for Spares.
  • Edd dedicated the book to Tom, Matt and Tord "because they're 70% awesome".
  • The guest comics are made by HotDiggedyDemon, Tyler Legrand, Psycosis91, Paul ter Voorde, Tord, Hellucard, h4xninja, Bogswallop and Leondra.
  • An unused comic features Edd and Tom in the supermarket looking for crisps, shortly finding an 'Edd' flavour.
  • The time travelling book's original date was 1971, before Edd changed it to 1985.
  • A sequel called Toaster Brains 2 was made as a part of Eddsworld: Legacy, which featured all of the Eddsworld comic strips done from where the first Toaster Brains book left off to the last few Eddsworld strips created, which were done in 2012.  The book will also include the final five comic strips that were drawn by Paul ter Voorde, as well as some never-before-seen sketches that Edd Gould drew in his notepads and sketchbooks. However, when Eddsworld Comics resumed in 2015, it is unknown if another book containing these ones will be made.
  • On the back, there are some fake reviews including "i like eddsworld", "Worst sandwich I've ever tasted" and "Generic compliment".
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