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Timothy "Tim" Hautekiet is a British-American director, writer, actor, voice actor, producer, editor, and was the voice actor for Edd throughout Eddsworld: Legacy.


After Edd Gould's death, Tom needed to find a new voice actor for the part of Edd for Eddsworld: Legacy. He auditioned many people, including Jack Howard, Dean Dobbs, Jamie Spicer-Lewis, Eddie Bowley, and Tim Hautekiet. According to Tim, he was asked to audition while at a monthly poker night at Tom's.

The decision was narrowed down to either Eddie or Tim, and Tom decided to go with Tim because he wasn't an aspiring voice actor and his voice sounded "rough around the edges." Tom said "This might be mean but sometimes when it's a bit s#!t, it's like it used to be."[1]

Space Face

Edd Gould died before recording the audio for Space Face (Part 2), so at the beginning, to begin the new voice, Matt shoots Edd with a "voice changer gun," to explain Tim taking over as the voice actor. This was his first time voicing for the series.

Tim's Own Videos

Tim makes a series of videos revolving around things he'd come across the internet or at home. His video thumbnails usually consist of Tim with his fingers pointing at his head a particular way.

His videos also have an amusing intro, where one of Tim's viewers says "Roll Intro!". When the video's done, it's considered an outro, with Tim and anyone else in said video saying "Roll Outro!".


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