The Snogre is an Eddsworld: Legacy animation. It was released on February 7, 2013 and is the prequel to Fun Dead.


Two pilots fly a plane until they crash into a cloudberg, causing a barrel full of nuclear waste to fall from the sky. Meanwhile, Edd and the others are building snowmen, when suddenly the nuclear waste falls onto Tom's snow monster and brings it to life. Edd's snowman is brought to life when it gets sprayed with toxic waste as well, but it gets crushed by Tom's snow monster before it can break out into song. The snow monster breathes toxic waste onto all of Matt's snowman replicas and brings them to life as well, but they all walk into a fireplace store and melt. Edd and Matt are about to be attacked by the snow monster, but then Tom shows up with a snow tank and blasts the snow monster, destroying it. Edd asks how he was able to make a snow tank so fast and as he does the snow falls off to reveal that Tom used the CDT-01 tank. Afterwards, a scene is shown with animated versions of legacy donators being mutated by the nuclear waste and turning into zombehs, followed by a cliffhanger for the Fun Dead.


(After the intro, the eddisode begins with a shot of Paul. He looks into a pair of binoculars.)

Paul: Iceberg, dead ahead!

Patryck: We are in a plane.

(The scene briefly cuts to a shot of the plane, which is flying in the sky. Afterwards, the scene cuts back to Paul and Patryk in the control room.)

Paul: Oh yeah. CLOUDBERG!!!

(The plane crashes into a conveniently placed cloudberg and explodes. A barrel of toxic waste falls from the plane. The scene cuts to the ground while the remains of the plane fall from the sky far away. Paul, Patryck, and a third person activate their parachutes. The camera then moves to Edd, who is building a snowman.)

Edd: *sighs*

Matt: *sighs* All done.

(The camera zooms out to show the many snowmen Matt built to look like himself.)

Matt: Maybe one more.

(Matt turns to see what Tom built. He gasps in shock. The next shot shows Tom's Snogre. Tom adds another snowball onto the leg. The barrel of toxic waste from earlier falls onto Tom's Snogre, leaving Tom covered in snowballs. Edd and Matt walk over. The toxic waste turns Tom's Snogre into a hostile living being. The Snogre roars at the three. The snow falls off of Tom's face.)


(The Snogre releases a toxic ooze from its mouth, infecting Edd's Snowman. Edd walks over to his snowman. He is surprised at the results.)

Edd's Snowman: I'm alive.. I'm alive! I feel a song coming on! Magical Snowma-

(The Snogre crushes Edd's Snowman. Edd turns around whle the Snogre infects Matt's snowmen. The three run away in fear. When Matt's snowmen come alive, they compliment each other.)

Matt: Save me, my wintery brethren!

Matt's Snowmen: Snow way! You're on your own, buddy! Yeah, we're outta here. Yeah. Anyone else feel kinda melting-y?

(The snowmen walk into a fireplace store and melt simultaneously, causing the glass windows to break and the water to go everywhere. Matt and Edd hold each other in fear as they are cornered by the Snogre.)

Matt: Aah! There's SNOW way out of this!

Edd: It was ICE knowing you, Matt!

Matt: Yeah, we're gonna get.. Uhm.. Oh.

Snogre: I'm gonna SLEIGH you?

Matt and Edd: Aaaahhhh.

(Matt and Edd make finger guns and smile at the Snogre's pun. They immediately become scared again when the Snogre roars. However, they stop when they see Tom has built a functioning snow tank. He spits his candy cane out.)

Tom: SCROOGE you.

Edd: Huh?

Tom: Scrooge? From A Christmas Carol?

(Matt and Edd look at each other confused.)

Edd: But it's not even Christmas.

Tom: Ah, scrooge you guys.

(Tom launches a missle from the tank, causing the Snogre to be destroyed.)

Edd: How'd you build that snow tank so fast?

Tom: Snow tank?

(The snow from the tank falls off to reveal that it is a real tank.)

Edd: Did you ever put much THAWED into our snow puns?

Tom: Ahh, ICY what you did there.

Matt: Guys, CHILL out, I gotta write these down!

(The camera moves over to a group of people investigating the toxic waste. However, this causes them to become infected and turn into Zombehs.)



Behind the Scenes

The line, "Scrooge you," was originally intended to be used in Tom's video Christmas Demolition, but replaced it with "Christmas pun", as he was worried that it would be mistaken as "Screw Jews" and didn't want to offend anyone.


  • The word NØR5K1 can be seen on the plane, similar to the license plate on Tord's car from 25ft Under the Seat.
  • Outside the Captain Log Fireplace store is the billboard outside the Massive Tool Center from Hammer & Fail.
  • At 1:27, the Massive Tool Center, and wanted billboard from Hammer & Fail can be seen in the background.
  • A purple campervan is seen behind the fence when Edd, Tom and Matt are being chased by the Snogre. This is the same van that transforms into the Boxmas Bot in Zanta Claws III.
  • Outside the store on the right, Bob's Diner from ​WTFuture can be spotted.
  • When the Snow Matts walk into the fireplace store, a poster of Diwi can be seen inside.
  • When the SnowMatts talk to each other, soundbytes of Matt's clones are borrowed from Space Face.

References to other media

  • Pong is being played on one of the plane's computers.
  • Outside the store are the characters from Bumming Crew. When the camera zooms away from the building, Bumming Crew's motorhome drives away. This is a reference to the Bumming Crew episode: Lickerwamper.
  • At 1:24, Zach from Hellbenders is seen in one of the SnowMatts' mirrors in the bottom-right corner.
  • The Snogre was uploaded on Charles Dickens's date of birth, 7 February. Charles Dickens was the original author of A Christmas Carol, where the character that Tom is spoofing (Ebenezer Scrooge) is the main character.


  • The BACON sign disappears for a split second.


Behind the Scenes