The Mummy is the main antagonist of Ruined. He is a bandaged corpse with one red eye showing out of a parting in his bandages. He can perform magic spells or curses to awaken other mummies to use as soldiers and he keeps the key to his treasure on a string around his neck. He can survive being set on fire because under the bandages, there is nothing but a skeleton. The extent of his magical ability is unknown. He has a fondness to trick people into traps. Examples might be when the guys unlock the treasure chest a trap door immediately opens under the floor causing everyone but Edd, whom's survival was unintentional, to fall to their deaths.


This mummified corpse is found in Ruined and was awakened from his sarcophagus as soon as the group fell into the Ruins found in Edd's backyard. He followed them until they were cornered then awakened two other mumies to stop them, and was defeated when he knocked Edd into a pillar which falls and crushes him. But he had the last laugh, as when the four friends tries to open the treasure chest, a trap door opened underneath them, and they fell down a very large pit. He is remembered for saying 'Super Nintendo' and 'Jenga' within his egyptian curse. The mummy seems to be the protector of the treasure hidden inside the egyptian tomb. He hasn't been seen since, and is likely to still be sealed within the tomb, bones and all.


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