Raghafhh ragha faghgs!

–The King, 25ft Under the Seat

The King is a character who appeared in 25ft Under the Seat.


Not much is known about The King but he reacted the same way regular kings do. He starts out saying that "this is an outrage". He also cares enough about the keys to go through a bunch of trouble to find Edd and the gang and even wanted to execute them after they released a beast.

Visual Appearance

The King looks like most of the other fish people but he looks older and more royal. He has blue skin and black eyes like regular fish people but he also dons a moustache, a crown, a royal red and white robe, and he has a necklace with a smaller crown medallion on it.

25ft Under the Seat

The King appeared in 25ft Under the Seat. He was shown a picture of Edd and the gang stealing the keys and asked what to do. He answers but can't be understood by the guard. He repeats himself and this time the guard understands some of his speech.


  • In one scene The King's head turns into a realistic fish head which is a reference from Spongebob's character Johnny Erain.

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