The Ghost appeared as the main antagonist in Hammer & Fail (Part 2). He is capable of possessing bodies of people and houses and has many supernatural powers.


In Hammer & Fail (Part 1), it turns out that he was accidentally delivered by Insta-Roof along with the second floor to Edd's house, the ghost then attacked Matt while he was trying to sleep, something that kept Tom up all night.

He then possessed Matt's body in Hammer & Fail (Part 2) and cleaned his room for him, destroying all the junk Matt loves. When confronted by Edd and Tom, he uses sophisticated language while talking, which leads to him being accidentally found out. He planned to take over the world until he argues with Matt about destroying monuments and Matt offends him by saying he was expired, so he possesses Edd's house instead, throwing Tom into the car when he tries to enter. Later, Edd, Matt, and Tom start destroying the attic, leading to the ghost emerging and fighting them, and easily winning until he realizes he has mistaken Edd with Eduardo. After apologizing he promptly leaves and possesses Eduardo's house instead and starts attacking Eduardo, Jon, and Mark.

It is unknown if he was defeated or is still in Eduardo's house.


When the ghost first appeared and possessed Matt's body, he is shown to be a clean freak, which is the exact opposite of Matt's unclean habits. He seems to also have a sight on ruling the world. However, he can easily be annoyed especially when Matt accused him of throwing away his milk. Despite seeming demonic, evil and, unapproachable, the ghost is actually quite literate and his demonic personality is a persona he uses on people he needs to haunt, which he keeps a list of on a board. For example, when he realizes he was in the wrong house, he starts being polite towards Edd, Matt, and Tom, before returning to his demonic state when he attacks Eduardo's house.


  • It is possible that the ghost may be based on Tricky the Clown's demonic form from the "Madness Combat" series.

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