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Eddsworld Documentary (also known as The Eddsworld Legacy (documentary)) is a 40-minute long documentary covering the history of Eddsworld and Eddsworld: Legacy. It features interviews with many of the cast and crew, including archival footage of Edd Gould. It was uploaded to Tom's second channel, DarkSquidge, on March 15, 2016.

The documentary was written and edited by Elliot Gough, and was produced in conjunction with the Eddsworld: Legacy season. Those who donated to the fundraiser would be able to watch it a week before it was officially released.

Cast and crew

  • Thomas Ridgewell (voice of Tom/writer/producer/director)
  • Eddie Bowley (writer/producer/director/voice of Jon)
  • Matt Hargreaves (voice of Matt/additional behind-the-scenes help)
  • Tim Hautekiet (voice of Edd)
  • Sue Gould (Edd's mother)
  • Vicky Gould (Edd's sister/voice of Ell)
  • George Gould (Edd's brother)
  • Verity Gallagher
  • Elliot Gough (writer, director, cinematographer, editor, additional animation)
  • Matt Ley (NPC, narrator)
  • David Post (3D animation)
  • Ben Smallman (additional animation)
  • Billy Crinion (additional animation)
  • Dan Pugsley (sound design)
  • Todd Bryanton (music)
  • Yoav Landau (music)
  • Tommy Robin (music)


On 29 January 2014, Tom stated on Twitter a picture of projects he is currently focused on. The list states a documentary along with other episodes of 2014.

On 18 July 2014, Tom stated on his Tumblr that the Eddsworld documentary was near completion but the project was recently restarted. He also stated that they may start a side channel to upload the original version for fun until the official release.


  • According to Thomas Ridgewell in the comments on the video: "This was originally a perk for the IndieGoGo donators promising to give a small behind-the-scenes look into how we ran Eddsworld: Legacy and kept the show going after Edd passed away. Over time, it grew into this 40-minute-marathon and I decided it'd be cool to release it to the public too. But since it's all about us and what we've done, I figured it would be better suited on my channel instead of Edd's."
  • Tom states that his favorite line in Eddsworld is what he says to Eduardo when on his doorstep in Hammer & Fail (Part 2, Rooftop Rumble).
  • The clip of Edd's Lost Lines (when he pulls the shark out of the tank) is animated by Billy Crinion.
  • Tom states that the voice changer gag in Space Face (Part 2) was thought of by him and Paul the day before Edd died.
  • Tom said he had approached fellow YouTuber Khyan Mansley to voice Edd after his death, but he turned down the offer, saying that he didn't want the responsibility.
  • Tom got upset with Edd for animating his character getting an erection in Tom's Tales of Brilliance and still remains annoyed by it to this day.
  • When the screenshot of Macromedia Flash 8 appears, the caption reads "Crash so hard they call it bandicoot", a reference to the Crash Bandicoot series of games.


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