The Boxmas Bot is a giant transforming robot which appears in Zanta Claws  3. It's head is

The Boxmas Bot

a cockpit, where the robot is controlled from, and it's eyes act as windows. It's chest contains a massive mini-gun known as 'Weapon Z' and it's shoulders contain rocket launchers.

During Zanta Claws 3, Zanta calls on The evil director to deliver a package to help him, Edd, Matt and Santa stop Tom, who had stolen Zanta's sled. The package turned out to be a purple van, which transforms into the Boxmas Bot when the gang enters. It accidentally stood on and crushed a family Tom had been terrorizing earlier.


Weapon Z

At first the Boxmas bot tried to punch Tom out of the sky, when this failed, it tried to attack with Weapon Z, but Tom managed to avoid all of the bullets. After this, it fired Zanta out of one of its rocket launchers.

Eventually, Matt, Edd and Santa got the Boxmas bot to shoot a rocket at Zanta's sled and blew it up.

It is unknown what had happened to the Boxmas Bot after the battle, it presumably turned back into a purple van or was returned to the Evil Director or both.

At 1:13 in the episode,"The Snogre", it is briefly seen in the background in it's van mode.

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