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The Behemoth of Terror is the final boss in Bang, Boom, Splat!. It is a giant green lizard, about the size of a skyscraper with huge red eyes, razor sharp teeth and dark green spines. The Behemoth attacks the city in the final level of the game. The behemoth is extremely strong and fast, he can survive being hit by a bazooka, but he will collapse if hit in the mouth three times


In level 4 of Bang, Boom, Splat!, the angry Behemoth attacks the city and Edd must stop him. To defeat the Behemoth, Edd must hit both of his eyes with a bazooka then hit his mouth when it opens, then repeat it two more times. But as the level continues, the behemoth gets faster and closer towards Edd, getting angrier and angrier.

If Edd cannot defeat him fast enough, the Behemoth will crush him with his foot, but if Edd does defeat him, he will fall to the floor.

He could possibly be related to the giant Demons which appear in Hello Hellhole.


  • The Behemoth of Terror has a strong resemblance towards the Japanese movie monster, Godzilla.

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