What Susan looked like before it was broken.

Susan is the name of Tom's bass guitar. It is a Fender Precision Bass with a Stratocaster pickguard and is easily Tom's most prized possession.

Susan first appeared in Ruined, when Edd used it to kill a spider and broke it in the process. In subsequent episodes, Susan has bandages around its neck and tends to get destroyed.

In real life, Tom's bass is a Music Man Stingray 4.


  • Ruined: Susan makes its debut in this episode. Tom has left his new bass guitar in his room. Edd steps in the room and plays around with the bass for a bit. He then uses the bass to kill a spider, breaking it in the process. Edd digs a hole to bury Susan and discovers an underground Egyptian ruin. After Edd brings the others to the entrance, Tom sees his broken bass and reacts in shock.
  • 25ft Under the Seat: Mentioned only.
  • WTFuture: Tom has stored Susan in a safe that must be unlocked by eye scan. He takes Susan with him while escaping from Future Edd. Later in the episode, Edd smacks Future Edd with Susan, breaking it again. Tom and his future counterpart run to the bass to mourn.
  • Zanta Claws III: Tom and Zanta have a guitar duel, with Tom playing Susan and Zanta played the electric guitar.
  • The End: Tom can be seen fixing a broken Susan in his new apartment at the end of Part 2.


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