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Super Average was a series in the works by Edd Gould and Thomas Ridgewell.[1] Super Average has been put on hold due to Edd's passing.

Red Leader

Thomas Ridgewell stated that he and Edd had planned for the Red Leader to appear in Super Average. Though his identity wouldn't be directly mentioned, it "wouldn’t have taken a rocket scientist to figure out".[2][3] Their end goal was to fuse Super Average with Eddsworld and having the big, bad villain be a fellow named Red Leader. With Edd's passing, development on Super Average was put on pause while Thomas worked on Eddsworld: Legacy.[4]

With consideration of criticisms and hindsight from Eddsworld: Legacy, he has decided to scrap the character of Red Leader. He has stated his reasons as not only distancing himself from Eddsworld, but also relieving the character of Tord from his control.



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