Steve is Tom's hair, and first calls him such in Moving Targets.

Steve has been attacked in Zombeh Attack 3, by a zombified Matt, who slices off a chip of Steve with a chainsaw. In Behind the Scenes, a clip is shown where Tord shaves Steve clean off Tom's head while running around with a chainsaw. In Matt Sucks, Steve is impaled and killed by one of the stakes from the unstable Mega Stake Machine Gun (blood can be seen coming from Tom's hair). According to PowerEdd, Steve has bones.

He randomly catches fire in Tom's Tales of Brilliance when Tom visits a fish shop. Part of Steve was in bandages when Matt accidentally ran Tom over with Edd's car, but he was seemingly unharmed when Tom was blown up on christmas day. In Space Face when Commander Bai turns off the gravity, Steve causes Tom to become stuck in the ceiling. It should be noted that Tomee Bear's hair is shaped a lot like Steve.

Tom has had Steve since he was born, and he appears in all of the pictures of Tom's early life when Tom's life flashes before him. In the future, Tom has kept Steve, but has him facing backwards instead of forwards like Tom has it now.

In a world where Edd was never born, Tom is wealthy and has his hair combed back, which means Steve would never have existed.