Snobody is an Eddsworld short about Edd's many run-ins with snow. It is played to "Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen.


Tord laughing at Edd's pain.

In the middle of a snowball fight, Tord throws a snowball at Edd's face. Edd's life suddenly flashes before his eyes, showing Edd's unfortunate run-ins with snow.

When Edd was three, Edd was walking on a patch of ice when a leaf fell on it. The ice broke and Edd fell into the pond, re-emerging frozen in a block of ice.

At the age of seven, Edd slipped and fell down a hill, crashing into a tree and causing a layer of snow to fall on him.

When Edd was eleven, Edd accidentally walks into a lamp post, getting his tongue stuck. He remained out in the cold until it got dark.

When Edd was fifteen, Tom kicks a snowball down a hill. The snowball increases in size and hits Edd, embedding him into the snowball as it rolls away.

Back in the present day, Edd is seventeen. The snowball Tord threw hits Edd in the face, knocking him down. Tord laughs hysterically.

References to other media

  • Tord's laugh is from the beginning of "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz.

Version differences

  • When this video was uploaded to YouTube in 2016, "Surfin' Bird" and all the original sound effects were replaced.
    • The YouTube version ends in the middle of Tord "laughing".

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