"FRIENDS? Pfft! Who needs friends when you've got RAT PUPPETS?"
— The Sinister Guy, trying to cheer Tom upThe "Sinister Guy" is a homeless man who appeared in WTFuture. He reappears in part two of The End, voiced by Thomas Ridgewell.

The Sinister Guy as he appears in The End

Appearance and Personality

The Sinister Guy is a blood-covered tramp wearing a red sweater, a brown trenchcoat, and a brown fedora. He sports ginger hair, bushy eyebrows, and heterochromatic (red on the left, green on the right) eyes. He speaks with a rather obvious Cockney accent.

It is also notable that this character bears a strong resemblance to Mundungus Fletcher from Harry Potter.

In The End, he's encountered by Tom, who recently became homeless thanks to Tord's return. He reassures him that he made the right decision before attempting to treat him to a show with rat puppets, only to find out that he already left. He also reappears in the post-credits sequence, explaining the "story of Eddsworld" to three children.

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