The Sheezyart homepage before the site was shut down

Sheezyart was a website where people posted art, animations and more. The website was launched sometime in 2003.


Edd Gould joined Sheezyart on December 19, 2005. Edd animated a Sonic 2 Special Stage GIF for his banner that would eventually evolve into the Not-so Special Stage flash game. Edd also constantly made GIFs for his IDs, which were looping flashes and/or images promoting the account.

The Eddsworld 20k video was made to celebrate Edd's page reaching 20,000 hits.


Sheezyart was shut down around 2013, and in 2015, an announcement was made by developers who took over Sheezyart that the site wasn't coming back.

In June 2018, former Sheezyart staff launched a new site called "". The reasons for the launch are explained in a blog post.

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