Santa Claus is a recurring character in Eddsworld; having references in six of the seven Eddsworld Christmas Flashes. Santa Claus has appeared in a number of the Christmas Specials in Eddsworld.

Santa's Appearances

  • In Eddsworld Christmas Special 2004, he breaks his leg, so Edd, Tom, and Tord have to deliver the rest of the presents. He was voiced by Alex Farmer.
  • In Christmas Visitor, the Grim Reaper knocks on the door, but because of the shadow shape, Edd assumed that Santa was standing by the door.
  • In Zanta Claws, Santa intervenes and rescues the gang from Zanta Claws. At the end of the episode, Santa gives the gang presents, including Matt's new purple hoodie.
  • In Zanta Claws II, Zanta kidnaps Santa, so Edd, Tom, and Matt have to save him. Tom shoots Santa in the shoulder by mistake, but rescues him as Zanta fires his laser pistol.
  • Santa does not appear in Xmas Day, but he might have narrated the story.
  • In Zanta Claws III, Santa joins the gang after Tom shoots down his sleigh. He participates in Tom's "Christmas Demolition" rap and gives the command to shoot both Tom and Zanta after their guitar duel.
  • In the beginning of Christmas Eddventure, an injured Santa comes to the gang's house to alert them about the penguin invasion in the North Pole. He tells the gang he needs their help to save Christmas from the Penguins, but Tom closes the door on him. The penguins find Santa and attack him.



  • In Zanta Claws III It is revealed that Zanta was the original Santa. The Santa the 2004 Christmas Special looked kind of different, but this may be just the way they were drawn at the time. It is unknown if the one in the 2004 Christmas Special is Zanta or the Current Santa, but it's probably Santa, because Edd said that he though the real Santa died CENTURIES ago.
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