Remember is an Eddomation toon, and is exclusive to YouTube.


It starts as Edd and his girlfriend are walking along, and Edd sees one of his childhood friends. For no reason at all, a door rises from the ground. Edd enters it, and he realises that there are several other doors. When Edd opened them he went to his past. His first memory was when Edd, his girlfriend, and his other friend are at school, and Edd reminds himself he needs to find love. When the teacher yells at him, present-day Edd finds another memory to look at. He and his girlfriend are at a picnic, and Edd spots his other friend. He asks her if she will hold hands with him, but she refuses. Edd goes back to the table, crying. His girlfriend asks if he will hold hands with her, but he refuses, and walks away. The girl is now seen crying. Edd leaves that memory, and the door disappears. Edd is seen talking to his girlfriend, but it is impossible to understand what they are saying, because the only word heard in this episode is "humuna".


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