Random Bits is a bunch of random clips from Edd's website and some that he created in the past. He posted it on his YouTube account on April 17, 2008, and it can also be found in the stuff section of his website.


Edd finds that his body has turned into a bowling pin. He is then chased by a bowling ball while screaming.

The next clip is of Edd and Matt singing "We are the D!" repeatedly until they start foaming at the mouth. Tord then appears and shouts "YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING LAME!" (One of the very few times that swearing was uncensored in an Eddsworld video) to Tenacious D's "Beezleboss".

Edd runs around in random circles before jumping up in the air. His face then appears in a green void and giggles before saying "Whoopee!" in a childish voice.

Next, Edd is seen driving a tiny red go-kart while wearing 3D glasses to the tune of "Jerk It Out" by The Caesars. He then starts driving in circles around an unidentified woman, who has been confirmed to be Essy, one of Edd's friends.

Edd's face is seen jumping back and forth in front of a black background while flashing black and white with an evil grin to the tune of "Fasten Your Seatbelts" by Pendulum.

Edd is seen standing behind Tord holding a boxing glove gun. He aims the gun at Tord and pulls the trigger. However the glove stays in the same place and the gun flies backward, hitting Edd in the face and knocking him out.


  • The go-kart clip is on the "Stuff" section of Edd's website, under the name "My Little Red Car".
  • The clip of Edd's face flashing is on the Stuff section of Edd's website, under the name "Welcome to Hell".
  • The clip of Edd and Tord with the boxing glove gun is on the Stuff section on Edd's website, under the name "Bwoing".
  • The music from the clip of Edd and Matt singing is Tenacious D's "Beezleboss". Edd also used a song from Tenacious D in his video Tribute, and "Friendship" in Edd's Tales of Boredom.
  • The red go-kart and 3D glasses reappear in WTFuture as part of Operation Mega Escape 4, but without the registration plates.
  • The red go-kart had the number plate 3DD.
  • Edd had to put a warning in the video description about the flashing lights used in the 'Welcome to Hell' clip.
  • Tom does not appear in any of the clips.
  • The pink-haired girl Edd drives around is Essy, as confirmed in the description of the archived Sheezyart post for the animation.
  • This was the last time there was swearing in an Eddsworld video.

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