Quest for Bacon is a small game made by Edd Gould for his college course. In the game, you can play as Edd or Matt. The objective is collect as many pieces of bacon you can get in sixty seconds. In two-player mode, two players compete to see who can get more bacon.


Edd and Matt are going crazy for bacon. In one-player mode, you can choose to play between Edd and Matt. You control Edd with the W/A/S/D keys. Matt is controlled by the arrow keys. In two-player mode, Edd and Matt are competing against each other. The player who gets most bacon when time runs out wins.


  • In two-player mode, if it is a draw, the game will not end until one player gets more bacon than the other.
    • However, this only has a 0.31% chance of happening. The real treatment for a draw shows both Edd and Matt dancing.
  • This is the second Eddsworld game to be released.


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