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Private Brains as she appears in Fun Dead.

Private Brains was a young woman who was killed during the zombeh outbreak, and resurrected as a mindless zombie. Private Brains was a nickname given to her by Matt, and her real name is yet to be revealed. In Zombeh Attack 3, She appears to be "recruiting" as a soldier in Matt's army. Matt agrees to let her enlist, and suggests she gets a haircut with highlights. When she and her pack move in to attack Tom and Edd , She was most likely killed by either Tom's shovel or Edd's Shotgun (Originally owned by Tord). Before she died, she and a fellow Zombeh managed to bite Tom and Edd, which would later infect them. She appeared again in Fun Dead, being shot.


— Talking to Matt.


  • A little after when Matt tells Private Brains to get a haircut with highlights, she is seen walking with a haircut with pink highlights when Matt is getting his skeleton arm.

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