The Pug from Fan Service cosplaying as writer Tom Bown.

Pugs are recurring animals in Eddsworld. They are a breed of dog that are very popular among pet owners. For information about actual pugs, see here. A pug is first seen in the episode Fan Service, where a fan asks if Edd will put a dog in his next episode. Edd thinks it's stupid but then Tom finds a pug and shows it to him. The two get excited over it and then realize Matt is fatally allergic to dogs, they then see Matt on the floor choking to death from his allergy, but they don't seem to care. Later in Tom's Tales of Crazy, Tom is shown to own a pug named "Nermal". When someone asks Tom if Nermal could do tricks, Tom tells Nermal to implode himself, causing Nermal to do so and presumably die. A pug, likely the same one from Fan Service, appears in The End (Part 1) on the wall of the spoils the gang got from their adventures without Tord.


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