PowerEdd is an episode of Eddsworld released on New Year's Eve 2014. The episode was animated by Anthony "TheKreid" Price.


Edd climbs to the top of the roof of 27 Durdam Lane and pulls a twig from a satellite dish, just in time for Tom and Matt to watch "The Children". He is then confronted by Eduardo, who boasts about his nuclear-powered satellite dish being able to get channels from outer space, with Jon and Mark watch an alien version of "The Children" in confusion. Eduardo declares that he is superior to Edd in every way, but he hits the satellite dish, leading to a blast of radiation that hits them both.


Tom and Matt retrieve Edd and take him to his room. Edd notices that he has recovered quite quickly, but Tom and Matt have left to watch "The Cats". A bee flies right past Edd and startles him, accidentally blasting a hole in his room. Tom and Matt head to his room to inspect the damage, only for them to discover Edd hovering behind them. The gang learns that Edd has superpowers. After demonstrating his powers to the gang, Edd draws a costume for himself and wears it.

Tom and Matt suggest that Edd should develop an origin story and Tom asks how he got his powers. As Edd recalls how he got his superpowers, he then decides that he should get a superhero name. Tom points out to Edd that Eduardo also got superpowers and has taken the name "Numero Uno". The news reveals that Eduardo has destroyed a bacon factory, a Cola factory, and a Karlsson cotton and fabric factory that specialises in green hoodies, provoking Edd into confronting him.

Edd takes a car with Tom and Matt in it and finds Eduardo. He throws the car at Eduardo and Tom pops out of the car to taunt him, getting him punched and sent flying. Eduardo and Edd fight, with Eduardo wanting Edd to admit that Eduardo is better than him. Meanwhile, Tom falls into an alley and comes across an offscreen threat that turns him into a monster.

The scene cuts to Eduardo gaining the upper hand. He tells Edd that he's coming in second place and charges an energy ball to throw at Edd. This prompts a flashback to when Edd and Eduardo were in primary school. Eduardo presents a picture of a duckling wearing a flower on its head as his entry to his class's art contest. When the teacher asks Edd if he has an entry for the contest, Edd draws a picture of a superhero version of himself and submits it as an entry. Edd's picture gets first place and the entire class taunts Eduardo over coming in second.

At the end of the flashback, Eduardo throws his energy ball at Edd. When he asks Edd for any last words, Edd apologises to Eduardo and admits that he deserved first place; his own drawing was terrible, leaving Eduardo speechless. Tom shows up from behind and prepares to attack him, but Edd jumps in and takes the hit, losing his superpowers in the process. Horrified, Eduardo declares that "no one hits [his] neighbour but [him]" and fires a beam at Tom, turning him human again. After firing the beam, he loses his superpowers and asks if anyone's okay. Police arrive at the scene and go after Matt when he briefly impersonates the monster.

Edd says that the time he and Eduardo had superpowers was fun while it lasted, but Eduardo points out that Edd is still hovering. He then taunts Eduardo over not having powers until he sees a bee. He tries to shoot it with his laser, but his powers eventually run out and he falls to the ground.

After the credits, Edd says no to Nick Fury and closes the door on him.


Toms tales of crazy.jpg

On 14th June 2013, Tom posted a photo on Twitter talking about writing a script while uploading Tom's Tales of Crazy.

On 21st June, Tom tweeted that he, along with co-writer Eddie Bowley, had this episode as well as Saloonatics completely written, and are currently recording lines for both episodes. No further information about either episode, however, was revealed.

Sometime in January 2014, Anthony posted several pictures of PowerEdd in its development, as well as some concept art of Matt with golden spiky hair, a reference to the Super Saiyans from the Japanese manga & anime Dragon Ball Z.  

On May 14th, 2014 the Official Eddsworld Facebook Page announced that they would be at the 2014 Comic-Con in London. Also with the post, they released a photo with details about Comic-Con as well as drawings of Matt, Tom and a Superhero Edd that were from PowerEdd.  

The episode was released on December 31, 2014.

Differences from the Comic Con Preview

There are multiple differences between the final episode and the 1-minute preview shown at the MCM Comic Con.[1]

  • The preview has the normal Eddsworld opening, while the final video has a more comic book-themed one.
  • The preview has no background music.
  • The static seen before "The Children" starts is much longer in the preview.
  • The living room isn't darkened in the preview.
  • Eduardo's theme is recycled from Hammer & Fail (Part 1, Rival Builders), instead of the new theme heard in the final video.
  • There is a crude doodle of Edd on Eduardo's dart board instead of Edd's SuperEdd drawing used in the final video.
  • Both the animations for Eduardo and Edd getting blasted with radiation are unfinished.


  • Its title of this eddisode is a pun on "powered".
  • This episode is inspired by a short made by Edd Gould back in 2008, SuperEdd, where Edd was also portrayed as a superhero.
    • Also, a poster showing a picture of Edd from SuperEdd can be seen on Edd's wall during the montage.
  • The Masked Villain on TV resembles Skull Kid and Majora's Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
  • The opening features Eddsworld comics in the background.
  • Ben and Lucy from TomSka's animation series, CRASH ZOOM, appear on the left side of the screen behind Jon in the flashback. A third person, supposedly Ben "Wonchop" Smallman, the animator of CRASH ZOOM, can be seen as well.
  • In the scene with the neighbors' living room, the third person sitting next to Mark is Todd.[2] Eddie Bowley has stated that Todd was going to be Tord's neighbour equivalent and a Ned Flanders-like character.[3]
  • The three officers that attacked Matt are also references to the Eddsworld crew. The first officer had brown hair (Edd), the second had sunglasses covering the entirety of his eyes (Tom), and the third had orange hair (Matt).
  • While Edd was preparing his costume design during the montage, there is poster of a cape, crossed out in red with the caption, "NO CAPES". This is a reference to the famous line, "No capes!", said by the character Edna Mode in The Incredibles.
    • Despite this being shown on the paper, Edd's final costume clearly has a cape attached to it.
  • The news bulletin says these things in this order...
    • Boy Loses Frog
    • Zombie Apocalypse Prevented Yet Again, Cause Still Unknown
    • Gary Was Here, Ash Is A Loser
    • Buy Cola Or Something, I Don't Know...
    • The End Is Nigh
  • On TV, there are buildings that reference characters from the DC universe.
    • A building titled LoofahCorp, which parodies the company LuthorCorp, owned by the supervillain Lex Luthor.
    • Next to LoofahCorp is Harley Crumb Bakery, referencing the character Harley Quinn.
    • And the third building after that is the Catwoman Pet Shop, referencing the character Catwoman.
  • There is a building named the Daily Bulge, which is parodying the fictional tabloid newspaper the Daily Bugle in the Marvel universe, mostly in The Amazing Spider-Man series.
  • A building called Fridge Magnetos parodies Magneto from the X-Men series.
    • Also, a caption from the sign says, "WELCOME TO BUY!", which parodies one of Magneto's infamous lines in the X-Men arcade game, "Welcome to die!"
  • Before Edd throws the car, pause at the right second and you'll see the "Eggs" poster guy on the billboard.
  • In the little boy's room, you can see...
    • Dipper Pines' hat from Gravity Falls.
    • Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.
    • A poster of Super Guy.
    • And a clock that resembles the animator's OC, Antique.
  • Before Harold eats the cake, Balloon Head Fred can be seen in the background.
    • The poorly-drawn photo of Paul can also be seen in the background, along with the animator of the Eddisode, Anthony 'Kr3id' Price.
  • The same spoon from Fun Dead can be seen next to the cake.
  • The civilian who commits suicide was a reference to an asdfmovie animation in which a man says the exact same line ("Goodbye cruel world"). They were even voice-acted by the same guy.
  • When Tom lands on the ground and just before he transforms into his monster form, a sign is labeled, "The Flush Toilets". This is a parody of the DC comic superhero, The Flash. His lightning-bolt symbol can be seen on the sign.
  • When Eduardo is about to finish off Edd, he does a move that resembles the Spirit Bomb from the Dragon Ball series.
    • He also references more things from the Dragon Ball series, such as transforming into a Super Saiyan and the famous Kamehameha energy attack when attacking Monster Tom.
    • Plus, when turning on the captions at the first fight scene, they even admitted that it was inspired by a Dragon Ball Z fight scene.
  • The fictional building, Daily Planet from the Superman series, appears in the background of the first fight scene.
    • Another building can be seen along with the Daily Planet, left with S.H.I-, leaving that to possibly reference S.H.I.E.L.D. from the Marvel universe.
  • The building, Miss Teek's Antiques, parodies Mystique from the X-Men series. The sign also matches the color scheme of her skin.
  • A building called Sin Sitty is a parody of the graphic novel, Sin City.
    • For a split frame, Paul and Patryk can be seen, wrapped up in bandages, inside Sin Sitty. This was confirmed by Anthony via Twitter.
  • When Edd loses his power, there are buildings behind that aren't very visible.
    • The building the left is called Big Hero Sax, which parodies the comic-inspired movie, Big Hero 6.
    • The building on the right just shows that the name is Iron M-, which was meant to parody the Marvel character, Iron Man.
  • A picture frame showing a picture of Matt can be seen during the montage. The picture of Matt is drawn by Ockeroid, who is a friend of Patryk and Jonathan.
  • A poster in Edd's room shows a picture of a space cat hung by a rope, just like how they were during MovieMakers.
    • The caption of the poster references the multiple "Hang In There!" cat posters.


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