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Paul ter Voorde was a friend of Edd Gould. He is also the creator of Super Mario Reloaded, a Mario-themed parody of a scene in The Matrix.


Besides the numerous cameos his animated counterpart has made, Paul also animated the entire Arcade scene in Spares. Paul also drew the "Hillary's Dream Team" action-movie esque art for Moving Targets. He first experienced animating Eddsworld with Art is Serious, providing Tom's inbetweens. He also provided additional animation for inbetweens in Zanta Claws 3 with Matt's help.

Paul was the main animator for most of Space Face, Fun Dead, Date Night, The Snogre, and part one of The End.[1][2] The tablet shown in Paul's Fun Dead timelapse is a Wacom Cintiq 12WX previously owned by Edd. Edd's mother had given it to Paul after Edd passed away.



# Title Uploaded Role
1 Happy Birthday Tord September 6, 2005 Special thanks
2 Zombeh Nation November 11, 2006 Animator, Voice actor (Pilot)
3 Moving Targets July 1, 2008 Voice actor (Paul)
4 Climate Change October 12, 2009 Voice actor (Paul)

Eddsworld: Legacy

# Title Uploaded Role
1 Space Face (Part 1) June 2, 2012 Animator (partial)
2 Date Night September 12, 2012 Animator
3 Space Face (Part 2) November 26, 2012 Animator
4 The Snogre February 7, 2013 Animator, Voice Actor
5 Fun Dead February 28, 2014 Animator
6 The End (Part 1) March 9, 2016 Animator

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