Mirror Mirror is an episode of Eddsworld: Legacy that was released on August 28, 2015. It was animated by Sandra Rivas.


Edd, Matt and Tom return home from a magic store. Edd has bought a sword, Tom has bought a box, and Matt has bought a magic mirror. Through the mirror is a universe containing female versions of Edd, Matt, and Tom who had also went to a magic store. Tom's female counterpart, "Tamara", was given a free magic box from the store clerk. The clerk warns her that the box contains a horrible curse, but she takes it with her anyway.

When the girls get home, Tamara is curious to see if the box they brought home contains donuts. When she opens it, she releases a genie named Dazeem. The girls pester him for a minute, causing Dazeem to start attacking them. Matilda and Tamara try throwing stuff at him, but Ell's sword starts glowing, giving her the idea to throw it at him. She does so, and Dazeem is defeated. However, the sword goes flying toward Matilda, and it phases through the mirror.

Meanwhile, Edd and the guys are sitting on the couch eating donuts from Tom's box. Ell's sword comes flying through the mirror and stabs the box, frightening the guys. Ell then follows, taking the sword and the box of donuts with her. Out of fear, Matt pushes the mirror to the ground causing it to break.


On January 29, 2014, Tom posted a photo on Twitter showing all of the videos he was focused on[1]. Under the Eddsworld column was this and the other upcoming episodes. On Sandra Rivas's Twitter, she announced that the script for Mirror Mirror was in progress. In April, Sandra announced that she had received the script and could get started on animation while she waited for the audio to be recorded.

During the Eddsworld panel at the MCM Comic Con 2014, previews of PowerEdd and Mirror Mirror were shown. The latter was still in the animatic (storyboard) stage.

On January 2, 2015, the Eddsworld Twitter announced Mirror Mirror would air February 20. But then on February 10, it was announced that the episode would be coming "later then expected", and Sandra stated that she'll need "at least a few more weeks".

August 20, 2015 had the Eddsworld Twitter post an image from the episode, as well as announcing a release date of August 28.


(Eddsworld intro comes in backwards. Cuts to hall of the house, where a sword slashes through the door. Edd enters triumphantly and Tom enters holding a box.)
Tom: (sarcastically) Ah! Well Edd, you've had that sword for a whole ten minutes and you've already destroyed the door. Good job!
Edd: Not all of it!
(Ringo comes through the cat flap, mewing happily. While slashing through a can of cola, Matt enters.) Matt: We should go to the magic store more often! (holds up mirror) I got a mirror!
Edd: Is it magical?
Matt: Who cares? I'm looking gooooooooooooo-
(Zooms into mirror. On the other side, in a parallel universe, a female version of Matt called Matilda finishes the sentence.)
Matilda: -oooooooooooooood!
(female versions of Tom and Edd (Tamara and Ell) enter. They are both holding the exact same things as their male counterparts.)
Tamara: Matilda, please stop saying words for a really long time, it freaks me out.
Ell: Sooo... what's in the box, Tamara?
(zooms into box. Flashback sets to a shop, where a box is sitting on the counter.)
Tamara: Oh hey, free box!
Highsenbird: Yes, but I must warn you... (zooms in) THE BOX CONTAINS A HORRIBLE CURSE!
Tamara:'s free, right?
Highsenbird: Well yeah, but it's....
Tamara: Hey guys! Free box!
Ell & Matilda: Yaaaay! (all run out of the store.)
Highsenbird: You're all gonna die. (flashback ends.)
Tamara: Well, I don't know... maybe it's DONUTS!
(opens box and horrible, evil sound seeps out. Tamara looks terrified.)
Ell: Was it donuts?
Tamara: No. Nuts. (drops box. Box opens up and huge, evil spirit floats out.)
Spirit: Muahahahaha! Cower in fear as you have opened the cursed box and unleashed the power of... DAZEEM! (lightning strikes)
Ell: Can I call you Daisy?
Dazeem: Wha- NO!
Tamara: (sniggering) Who gets trapped in a BOX?
Dazeem: Shut up!
Matilda: (holds up box) Do you have any donuts?
Dazeem: Ok, THAT'S IT!
(lets out huge lightning bolts. The gang starts to hide from the bolts. First it hits a dartboard, then it hits the sofa where Tamara falls off, and finally destroys a vase, which causes Matilda to cry in despair.)
Matilda: NO! NOT THE VASE!
(lobs book at Dazeem. He changes it into confetti.)
Dazeem: Muahahahahaha!
(Ell notices her sword on the floor. Picking it up, she declares a plan.)
Ell: Guys! I have an idea!
(The two ignore her and continue to lob things at Dazeem.)
Tamara: Duck!
(lobs chair at Dazeem. He turns it into a duck.)
Ell: No, seriously, I-
(is interrupted by Matilda)
Matilda: Heads...UP!
(lobs bowling ball at Dazeem. He turns it into a female Balloon Head Fred, which floats up into the air.)
Ell: Why don't I just throw the glowing swor-
(Tamara interrupts her)
Tamara: Eat...this!
(throws toaster at him. Dazeem turns it into toast then eats it.)
Ell: RRR!! AbracaSTABra!
(lobs sword towards Dazeem.)
Dazeem: Oh, no nuts. (disappears as sword cuts through him. Sword continues to fly through house.)
Ell: Matilda! Watch out!
(Matilda picks up mirror. She then turns around as she notices the sword.)
Matilda: Huh? (sword flys through mirror to the normal universe where the gang are happily eating donuts in their universe's box. Matt still holds his mirror.)
Edd: Aah. (chewing) I'm sure glad there were only donuts in this box and no evil demon ghosts.
Tom: Mmm, hmm. Yeah, I'm glad that oddly specific thing isn't happening as well.
(as Matt shoves box near the mirror, a shining light flashes and a sword comes out, followed by Ell, who steals their box of donuts.)
Ell: Thank you! (pulls sword into the mirror, along with box of donuts.)
(The gang is stunned.)
The girls: (from inside the mirror) Yay! Donuts!
(Matt lets out some frightened whimpers as he drops the mirror on the floor, ending the episode. After the credits roll, a clip showing the real Matt and two other people holding a large cheque for cancer charities benefitted from Eddsworld: Legacy plays.)


  • Barry Black, who sells Tamara the cursed box, is a parody of Walter White from the TV show Breaking Bad.
  • Several pieces of background music are recycled from PowerEdd.
  • The beginning jingle is a reversed version of the normal jingle. The logo's letter transition is also played backwards.
  • Mirror Mirror was animated in ToonBoom.
  • Ell's name is only mentioned in the credits.


  • Ell asks Dazeem if she can call him "Daisy". This is a reference to both Moving Targets and Hello Hellhole. In Moving Targets, Edd asks Sgt. Hilarson if he can call him "Hilary"; and in Hello Hellhole, Edd asks Lucifer if he can call him "Lucy".
  • Matilda screams "Not the vase!" when the vase is broken, a reference to Matt's famous quote, "Not the face!"
  • The book "How to Pretend You're Reading" returns from Fun Dead.
  • When Matilda throws a bowling ball at Dazeem, it turns it into a female version of Balloon Head Fred.
  • The chair Tamara throws at Dazeem looks similar to the chair from Tom's Tales of Awesome.

Easter Eggs

  • A picture of Paul can be seen on the wall in the living room at the beginning. Tomee Bear can also be seen in a bowl on a small table.
  • Barry Black's name tag reads, "Highsenbird". This is parodying Walter White's alias, Heisenberg, from Breaking Bad.
  • Neelesh Dooraree, the donator/one of the background characters in the magic store, is reading a book titled, "How to do Magic," by Whodinkie. The name of the author is parodying the famous magician, Harry Houdini.
  • The magic store in the alternate universe has several Easter eggs hidden in it:
    • On the shelf next to the counter are a Roy Koopa plush doll from the Super Mario series, a treasure chest, Forosha (the background artist for Mirror Mirror), Skeff (a character created by Paul ter Voorde), a box that says "Magic LOL", and possibly a Catbug plush doll from Bravest Warriors.
    • On the side of the shelf, there's a magician's hat, white gloves, and rubber chicken hanging on strings.
    • There are also three signs that read "Get your nose noses", "sorta lucky rabbits feet", and "cheap card tricks".
    • On the shelf behind it is a plush toy of the main character from Frumple's Quest, an interactive game created by Joe Gran.
    • On the shelf near the front door are books called "Harry", "Pot" and "Tur" (which is in reference to the Harry Potter series), a book called "Volume 420", a board game called "Bored Game", a Yoshi plush doll from the Super Mario and Yoshi's Island series, and a book called "Knock Knock Jokes" by Zach H. (or Zach Hadel, former background artist for Eddsworld).
    • Behind Barry Black are posters promoting an invisible spray can (possibly referencing the SpongeBob episode "Pranks a Lot", which involves them using invisible spray paint), a call for magic lessons, a hat based off of the Sorcerer's Hat from the Disney short "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", silent but deadly whoopee cushions, Hellbenders t-shirts, and a poster inviting people to enroll to Hogwarts online.
  • A female version of Hellucard can be seen in the background behind Tamara.
  • When Dazeem is released from the box, half of a picture frame can be seen in the background during the animation. It shows Matilda with another female character. Fans speculate this to be the female version of Tord. This was confirmed in The End. where the same picture, except with Matt and Tord instead of their female versions in the exact same positions, can be seen after the intro.
  • When Ell hides under the table after Dazeem starts attacking them, above the table is a dart board with a picture tacked to it of a female version of Eduardo.
  • When Dazeem turns the chair into a duck, the duck sports the same hat and bow tie as Donald Duck.