The Matt-Doll is a doll created by the company 'Mad Matt: Toys N Stuff Inc'. The doll was made to resemble the Eddsworld character Matt.

Physical Appearance

The Matt-Doll's attire originally consisted of a black shirt (with the word "Hawaiian" in white), blue jeans and black shoes. In Edd Again, a new version of the doll adds green socks and a jacket.


  • The Matt Doll: An advert showcases the new Matt-Doll.
  • Edd Again: Both the normal and a large version of the Matt-Doll is seen in this eddisode. Matt is seen buying the large one.
  • Hammer & Fail (Part 2, Rooftop Rumble): The Matt-Doll makes a cameo appearance, this time with a purple hoodie, Matt's modern appearance.
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