marmite is terrible (also known as asdfmite) is a video part of TomSka's asdfmovie series. It is one of two asdfmovie videos animated by Edd Gould. It was uploaded to YouTube on April 20, 2010.


Marmite finds the pony
Little girl: Marmite, have you seen my pony?
Marmite: Yes.
(The little girl smiles)
Marmite: I ate him.
Little girl: (cries)
Title Sequence
(Title sequence plays)
Marmite makes a new friend
Man: Marmite, why does no one like you?
(Man bursts into flames)
Man: Oh yeah...
Marmite gives directions
Man on phone: Hey, uh, how do I get to your place again?
(Slight mumbling from phone)
Man on phone: Ok, thanks.
(The man hangs up the phone and his car crashes into a wall.)
Marmite gives moral support
Boss: Steve, I'm giving you a promotion!
(Steve smiles)
("Marmite" in black, bold letters briefly appears across screen)
Voiceover: Marmite.
Boss: Yep, now you're fired!
(Steve frowns)
Marmite saves the day
(John opens a door)
John: Honey, I'm home-MARMITE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
(Marmite appears in bed with John's wife)
Marmite: I'm sleeping with your wife, John.
John: Uh, yeah... you are.
Title Sequence
(Title sequence plays)

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