Life in Portal: Madness is a video created for Madness Day on Newgrounds. It was uploaded on September 22, 2009. Edd, Tom and Egoraptor make appearances in the video.



Brock brags to Ry about his Madness Day video:

His character goes to a Newgrounds building to rescue the Prejudice's daughter. He encounters and kills various popular Newgrounds characters:

  • The Clock Crew (Strawberry Clock, Banana Clock, F U Clock, Carrot Clock, Orange Clock and CorpseGrinder Clock)
  • Prostitute Mickey Mouse
  • Edd and Tom (each voiced by themselves)
  • Edd Egg
  • Charlie The Unicorn and the other two unicorns
  • Cripple Boy and Chocolate Man
  • Blockhead
  • MarcyVF and TommyVF
  • Egoraptor
  • Happy Harry
  • Taco Man

After Taco Man explodes, the video cuts to Brock interrupting Ry by saying he doesn't want to be spoiled. Ry suggests that Brock posts his flash to Newgrounds immediately, but Brock claims that Flash crashed, causing him to lose it, and his computer exploded.

The video later cuts to Tom Fulp waking up in bed with the Strawberry Clock. Strawberry Clock orders Tom to have oral sex with him. The flash ends after Tom Fulp says "Mmmmm, tastes like strawberries...".

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