How do you morons even breathe?!

–Larry, Spares

Larry is The Evil Director's assistant. He appears in Spares and as two separate cameos in both parts of The End.


Larry first appeared in Spares alongside The Evil Director. He is seen throughout the Eddisode, giving logical advice to The Evil Director, who ignores him. He is also is shown to have an intolerance of stupidity, as shown when he snaps at the end of the Eddisode at The Evil Director's joke".

Larry is not in Zanta Claws III, but a silhouette that appears in the helicopter that The Evil Director uses to deliver the Xmas Bot is presumably him.

Larry appears in the remade image of Spares from the stack of photos seen in the opening of The End (Part 1).

Larry and The Evil Director also appear briefly (neither voiced) in The End (Part 2) as one of the people Tom attempts to stay with after leaving Edd's House.


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