The "Hockey Mask Wearing Freak" is a character featured in the 2007 Eddsworld Halloween Special. He had dirty blonde hair and wore a white mask which covers his face. He carried around various weapons.

He bears resemblance to Jason Voorhees from the horror film series "Friday the 13th" and Stanley Decker from the SNES/Sega Genesis game "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" which was the game Edd and Tord were playing.


His first and only major role was in Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007. He takes offence to what Edd says about an enemy in the Super Nintendo game Zombies Ate my Neighbors. He then kills off the whole of the group one by one (Apart from Matt, who died of a heart attack, although he did contribute to Matt's death by making him fall down a massive flight of stairs). First to be killed was Edd, whose head he sliced open. He stabbed Tom in the chest with a sword. He then managed to corner Tord and kill him with a stake concealed in the Bottom of his axe.

Later in the episode, he is busy cleaning his axe, until he is suddenly KO'd by Edd's ghost. The four ghosts then fly with the freak to a cliff, chuck him off and he is killed by the rocks at the bottom. He then came back alive as a huge red ghost, only to be captured by the Ghostbusters and Luigi.

The Maniac reappeared in Bang, Boom, Splat! in the "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" themed level. Here he is a target that appears rarer, but gives more points when shot.

He appeared briefly in a photo in Matt Sucks, but he hasn't been seen since.

On Edd's Twitter, he is shown with ketchup spilt on him while saying "I couldn't open the ketchup." He is also holding his signature axe.


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