Hell is the place where sinners are sent to have their souls tortured for eternity when they die. It is home to Lucifer, various demons, zombehs and many other creatures. Hell is an enormous pit and is mostly made up of fire, huge cliff faces, rubble and many boulders. It can be visited by tourists via the Hellavator, and it has its own tourist district and tourism leaflet. Hell only appeared in Hello Hellhole.

Hell can be reached by death, or if a tourist visits via the hellavator, 3 doors appear in front of them, one for Sinners, one for Tourists and one for Jehovah's Witnesses which is to the left. The first two lead directly to hell, the other one is just a giant white void, inhabited by a giant pencil who can draw lines in the void, making giant slides, which it pushes Jehovah's Witnesses down, causing them to land randomly in Hell.

Zombee's Cafe


Zombee's Cafe is the most popular restaurant in Hell, where zombehs work as waiters and bartenders. A skeleton sits in a chair, and has done so for a while. At some point, the special was Gargoyle's tail soup with festering croutons and Matt was among the many things on the menu which would appear is unappetising to humans. The most popular drink is human blood, which sometimes contains the body parts of humans, such as an eyeball.

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