General McCoy is the name of a character who cameoed on a poster behind Jon's ghost in Part Two of The End. McCoy was conceived by Marc Lovallo as the main antagonist of his Eddsworld Fan Movie.


In his first appearance, McCoy has neatly-combed dirty blonde hair and slightly thickened eyebrows. He wears a white shirt with a dark grey tie, a dark green jacket with trousers of the same colour and plain dark grey shoes. He has several medals pinned on his jacket.[1]

In his cameo in part two of The End, only his face, coat, tie, and hair are shown.

Behind the Scenes

On May 20, 2018, McCoy's full name was confirmed as Arthur McCoy by Jon Lopez (director of the movie after Marc stepped down). His first name was originally thought up by user DezButScreaming (


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