Balloon Head Fred is a character who appeared in Balloon Head Fred. His head is a red balloon with a drawn on face tied onto a string, and the rest of his body is the same as a normal human.


So far, Fred's biggest role was in the flash short, Balloon Head Fred. He is seen dating a regular woman; they've been dating for two months. All goes well at first, but things soon turn sour when she reveals that she's pregnant. Fred attempts to escape by floating away, but fails when he hits the ceiling. Nine months later, he is the "proud" father of a giraffe balloon animal.

He also makes a cameo appearance in Date Night.

A female counterpart of Fred can be seen in Mirror Mirror.


Fred is a smoker, as shown when he is smoking a cigar while waiting for the baby to be delivered. He also has the ability to detach his head from his body and let it float away.

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