Fan Service 2 is a short released on August 1, 2020. It features Matt reading Eddsworld fan emails.

This is the first video released on the Eddsworld channel since The End (Part 2), almost four and a half years prior. It is presumably the beginning of a new era of Eddsworld titled Eddsworld Beyond.[1]


Matt opens the door to Eddsworld Studios and rips off a page of a calendar marked "March 2016", revealing "August 2020" underneath it. He crumples up the page and throws it behind him while sipping out of his mug. He says that it's time to get back to work as he stretches. He sits at his laptop to go through his inbox, only to see he has racked up 121898 emails. Determined, he cracks his knuckles and starts reading through them. Eventually he comes to an email with the subject "Animation Idea" and clicks it. The email reads that the sender wrote an Eddsworld fanfiction that they think could make a good episode. Intrigued, Matt starts reading it. 

The fanfiction starts like a typical eddisode with Matt and Edd sitting on the sofa with a commercial for Bacon Cola on the TV, until Tom walks in and takes off an unmentioned piece of clothing. Matt is visibly concerned as he reads further, discovering the fanfiction's many suggestive bits including a bungee cord and llama. By the end, he is evidently exhausted and pours himself a drink out of a flask. Then he realizes that the author attached fanart they made. He begrudgingly clicks on it. Disgusted after seeing the art, he mutters "I know what must be done", and throws himself out of the window. We see Matt's grave, engraved with the text "I Hate This Job".


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  • This short is a sequel to Fan Service.
    • Like the original, it also ends with Matt's death and a shot of his tombstone, but instead of being engraved with "I hate you guys", it says "I Hate This Job".
  • The photo of Edd at the beginning of the short actually isn't a screenshot from Fan Service, it's a tracing. The photo is higher quality than the original short, and Edd's shirt and hoodie strings are colored differently.
  • Eddsworld Studios is seen for the first time since Eddsworld Christmas Special '05. The letters on the outside are seen being painted green, over the original red logo.
  • One of the emails Matt reads asks why Tord left the show, which is a question often asked to the crew and is referenced in multiple other animations.
  • One of the emails seen on Matt's laptop says "eddsworld/michal n james crossover" referencing Jon Lopez's own cartoon Michael and James.


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