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Welcome to the Eddsworld Wiki! Like any other community, there are a set of rules to follow when editing here. Below is a summarized list of rules, followed by a detailed elaboration of each one.

As long as the rules are well understood by the users, this wiki will remain safe, peaceful and organized. This is the reason we have rules. Any violations will result in punishments depending on the severity of the violation, as well as the user's past accords.

Breaking any rule (either the first or second time) will prompt a staff member to leave a warning on your talk page. Warnings do not expire after a prolonged period of time, but if a warning was given erroneously, it can be appealed. Different staff members have different styles of moderation, so don't always expect a second offense to only yield another warning.

While every individual rule has a three-strike system to earning a block (e.g. vandalizing thrice), earning 4 or more warnings in total will also yield a block; after which, your warnings will be reset. Second warnings, however, will not be reset.

Circumstances exist in which a staff member is prompted to skip warnings and immediately block the user. In most cases, this approach is restricted to troll accounts, vandalism-only accounts, and sockpuppets of blocked users. However, everything works on a case-by-case basis.

Any warning or block can be appealed. While warnings can be confronted on a staff's talk page, blocks can only be appealed on your talk page. Providing an understandable reason or apology will result in a shortened or removed block length most of the time. However, staff members hold the ability to deny and discuss any appeal.

While not a rule, check the manual of style before you edit.

Feel free to discuss about the rules on the talk page.

Rules regarding users under 13 or 16

  • FANDOM's Privacy policy page contains rules regarding users under 13 or 16. The rules can be found in the "Information About Children" section. The Eddsworld wiki will not block any user who may be underage unless they're causing problems.
    • If a user is causing problems on the site and is revealed to be underage, you can contact FANDOM staff about it by clicking this link.

Forbidden Actions

Users who do any of these things will receive a block ranging from one week to forever, depending on the severity:


Acts of vandalism, including intentionally adding false information to an article or posting distasteful material will not be tolerated.


Any sort of spamming, including excessive off-topic page creation, frequently uploading images/GIF files that break rules, or posting excessive unwanted comments on a user's message wall will not be tolerated.

Engaging in uncivil behavior

Any sort of uncivil behavior, including bullying, flaming, or ignorance will not be tolerated.


Users may only use their user page to post links to their social media profiles or to wikis they have created. Using blogs, images, and embedded videos as a way to promote stuff here is not allowed.


  • Information on articles must be verifiable. Back up any information added with sources whenever necessary.
  • Refrain from including speculation in articles.
  • Avoid writing the same thing multiple times in different article sections.
  • Avoid creating "red" links.
  • Facebook does not count as a valid source for citing information due to how "closed-off" it is. Links to official pages can still be posted, however.
  • Articles should be written in an objective manner.
    • Words such as "you" and "we" should be avoided.


  • Articles about videos and animations will only be accepted if:
    • Edd Gould was involved in its creation.
    • Anyone who has worked with Edd Gould was involved in it's creation, and it's Eddsworld-related.
    • Anyone "professional" was involved in it's creation, and it's Eddsworld-related.
  • Official video uploads must be used as primary external links, but a re-upload may be used as a reference if the original videos were taken down or if the re-upload was taken from an SWF file.
  • Assume there is no real continuity between different animations unless a continuity is explicitly referred to (Ex: numbered sequels like the Zombeh Attack and Zanta Claws animations).


  • Articles about characters will only be accepted if:
    • The character has frequent appearances in official animations.
    • The character has an actual name - the name cannot be made up by fans. Types of actual names include a name mentioned in the credits of an animation or a name given to the character by one of the writers/directors of an animation.
  • "They/them/their" pronouns will be considered valid equivalents to "he" or "she" pronouns because they are gender neutral.
    • Avoid using gendered pronouns (he/she/him/her/etc.) to refer to characters unless they are clearly identified as male or female.

Real People

  • Articles about real people will only be accepted if:
    • The person has worked with Edd Gould.
    • The person has worked on Eddsworld: Legacy or the new official comics, and has a notable public profile.
  • "They/them/their" pronouns will be considered valid equivalents to "he" or "she" pronouns because of their gender neutrality.


Articles about websites will only be accepted if Edd Gould registered for it. Youtube is an exception due to a glitch - linking to the "Youtube" page on the wiki will cause the link and the word "Youtube" to disappear.


Information about comics is self-explanatory, so articles about specific comics would be redundant.


Integrate information into other sections of articles instead of keeping it in a trivia section if possible.

File uploads

Rules regarding file uploads can be found on Special:Upload.


  • Only the first letter of a category should be capitalized (excluding "Eddsworld Legacy" categories - both "Eddsworld" and "Legacy" should be capitalized).
  • Don't add excessive categories to articles.

Page comments

  • Keep the comments related to the page.
  • Do not post anything related to shipping in the comments. Comments that do this will be removed.
  • Comments containing outdated information may be removed to avoid confusion.
  • Users should avoid necroposting (ex: replying to comments over three months old).

User page, message wall, and blog post rules

  • Blog posts and user pages bios must be appropriate.
  • Rules regarding file uploads apply, but you may embed images from Community Central onto your user page (as opposed to uploading them here) so long as the images are appropriate.
  • Rules regarding advertising and promotion apply.
  • Blogs that are off-topic, spammy, or distasteful will be deleted along with any comments made on it.
  • Do not bring off-wiki drama onto the wiki.
  • Avoid messaging users who have not been active on this wiki or on the discussions page in a long time. Checking a user's contributions list is usually a good indicator of whether or not they have been active here.
  • Message wall threads should typically have no more than 40-50 replies. Threads with over 100 replies may be removed to prevent lag.
  • Roleplay sessions on message walls are subject to removal.
  • "They/them/their" pronouns will be considered valid equivalents to "he" or "she" pronouns because they are gender neutral and allow for more anonymity among users and non-users.
    • Avoid using gendered pronouns (he/she/him/her/etc.) to refer to other users unless they prefer those pronouns.
  • User pages, talk pages, and blogs made by users who have disabled their accounts will be subjected to deletion.
    • Most user pages of users who have not edited since January 1, 2016, have been deleted during "housecleaning". If you are a returning user and your profile page was deleted, you can recreate it or contact PacintoshX and they'll restore it based on the new guidelines.
  • Blogs containing outdated information will be subjected to deletion. This is to prevent necroposting, to keep those less informed from being confused, and to prevent certain subjects from getting too much unnecessary attention (Ex: the passing of Edd Gould, Tord Larsson's situation, questions about Eddsworld content that can be answered just by watching animations/interviews or reading the comics/behind-the-scenes information). Some blogs from bureaucrats will have comments disabled after a few months.
  • Red links will be removed to prevent the "Wanted Pages" list from being cluttered.


  • Any titles, names, and keywords related to a specific entry on the Wiki should redirect to it.
  • Redirects should consist of keywords that are easy to type - avoid putting special characters like "\" in the keyword if it doesn't need to be there.

External sources

  • Sites like Wikipedia, iMDb, and Google should not be used since they are not reliable.

User rights

  • Users who have made significant contributions to this Wiki may be granted extra rights by admins. Users who have been inactive for around two months will lose rights, with the exception of some creators.
  • Anonymous users (IP addresses) may not edit the wiki due to frequent vandalism.