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This guide was created to help users who aren't as experienced with editing wiki entries. There are two editors - the visual editor and the source editor. This guide will mainly cover the source editor.

How to add references

When using the source editor, use this template to add references to the right of each sentence or sentence section. References will appear if "<references/>" is present on the page.

Example (referencing)

This is a reference.<ref>[ Wikia]</ref>

should appear as
This is a reference.[1]

Reference section code


Adding internal links

Internal links refer to links that go to pages within any part of the wikia website. Links within this particular wiki can be added by surrounding a word in two angled brackets, while links to pages on other wikis can be added by putting the first part of the wiki's url (Ex: before "w:c:".

Example (Linking to pages within this specific Wiki)

[[EddsWiki]] / [[EddsWiki|Home page]]

should appear as
EddsWiki / Home page

Example (Linking to other Wikis)

[[w:c:eddsworld:EddsWiki]] / [[w:c:eddsworld:EddsWiki|Home page]]

should appear as
w:c:eddsworld:EddsWiki / Home page

Adding external links

External links refer to links that go to pages outside this specific wiki.


*[ Wikia]

should appear as


Inserting <br> or <br /> to the right/left of a word will cause any sections after/before it to move down/up one section.

Cancelling out Wiki code

Using “nowiki” will cancel any wiki code.


should appear as

Linking to images and categories

Adding ":" before an image link will cause the image to appear as a link rather than an image. Adding ":" before a category link will cause the category to appear as a link rather than a category.

Image Example


should appear as

Category Example


should appear as

Reference sample

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