Eddsworld Halloween (also known as This is Halloween!) is an animated music video created by Edd Gould. It was uploaded to DeviantArt on October 20, 2004 and later to Newgrounds on October 27, 2004 at 4:15 AM EDT. It is set to "This is Halloween" - the opening theme song of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.


It starts off with a fast countdown, then showing the title then the camera goes into the village with a skeleton and an orange ghost then a blue cyclops comes and the moon talks too then a pirate zombie then we go back to the Moon, now with a black ghost with red eyes now we get to three people, one with a clown mask, maybe Edd, a witch that has no eyes and a Mummy, then the camera goes up showing a witch and something else in the background spinning in circles, then we get to a black figure under someone’s bed, teeth so sharp and eyes glowing red and a green figure hiding under someone‘s stairs, who has snakes for fingers and spider in their hair, now the moon comes back with multiple Pumpkins, now we go underground with two skulls, a Human skull and a Dinosaur skull, then we come up with a figure in black with normal skin and one eyeball coming out on a wagon with three skeletons and there gravestones, then 5 bats come in the camera and the camera goes to them, then 3 lady ghosts, then we get to Tom being in a gravestone with “RIP“ and Tom in the corner written on it and then his head falls off going to a clown, with a tear away face, then some random stuff then we get to the shadow of the moon of the night, then going back to the moon with pumpkins, then witches, and two white people, maybe ghosts? Then we get to two people, one is green and has some whites lines on him, and the other has human color with popcorn and blood on him with a big eye thats green, and we go back to the wagon with the figure and skeletons, and the mummy is back and is looking at the moon, then two witches coMing from both sides, then everything from the episode comes in, except the Pumpkins, the skeletons, the white people and that guy with the popcorn, then someone comes out of a structure with light showing a black figure with white eyes, then a skeleton and mummy sing, then we go to space and finally we go look at the earth and it turns into a pumpkin

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