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The Eddsworld Competition[1] was a competition started by Edd Gould on YouTube started back in 2008, in which he challenged others to make their own Eddsworld-related Flash animations. Edd narrowed the entries down to eleven animations. A total of 1,794 people voted on which animation was the best.[2]


The competition had two rules:

  • The submissions could not simply copy an existing scene.
  • The submissions had to be based on Eddsworld.


The results from the public vote are as follows:[3]

Position Username Number of votes Percentage of votes
1st TORENOROSE 719 votes 40.1%
2nd PivotRJ 254 votes 14.2%
3rd Cobalt0Chloride 240 votes 13.4%
4th Lisamoya 174 votes 9.7%
5th Ukinojoe 118 votes 6.6%
6th KidneyJohn 60 votes 3.3%
7th PhillipSuperShow 56 votes 3.1%
8th EdwardRussell 46 votes 2.6%
9th GammaByteStudios 44 votes 2.5%
10th Diwi 44 votes 2.5%
11th TrippingMetal 39 votes 2.2%

Finishing Places

Position Username Entry
#11 TrippingMetal ???
#10 Diwi Live-action music video, featuring Diwi lip-syncing along to the credits music of Spares.
#9 GammaByteStudios Animation, beginning with Gamma wondering how he could win the Competition. He then proceeds to steal Edd's shoes in order to think like Edd. He is then run over by a train, driven by Tom. The group look on at the body, until Matt throws a grenade at it, much to Tom's annoyance, who asks why can't they "live like British people". This confuses Edd as they are British, until Tord points out they could act like upper-class stereotypical British people. They have a tea party, which is interrupted by a bear, who scares away Tom and kills Tord - using Tord's blood as tea. This scares Matt and Edd.
#8 EdwardRussell Animation, featuring a dance competition between Ed and a stranger. This video was removed from YouTube after the competition (the only finalist's video to be removed).
#7 PhillipSuperShow Animation, featuring a fictional history of Eddsworld. Tom wants a Smirnoff, but unfortunately, the gang has no money. Edd then decides to put animations on the internet to raise some money. However, they spend all their newly-gained money in an arcade, before they remember about the Smirnoff.
#6 KidneyJohn Animated music video, featuring a video for Synthos, with Edd having his brain removed, Tom becomes a flower, Tord as he was in Moving Targets and Matt (compared to Beaker from The Muppets) lighting up a decoration, which says "Indubitably!".
#5 Ukinojoe Live-action/animation hybrid, featuring Edd walking across the screen, only to be captured by a large live-action version of Joe, who proceeds to rip off Edd's arm before decapitating and eating him.
#4 Lisamoya Silent animation, beginning with a scene of Lisa looking at her earlier video for the Eddsworld Competition, where there is a negative comment from Eddsworld. She accidentally throws a revenge comic in Edd's house and tries to retrieve it, only to be caught by Edd and Tord, who threaten her with violence until they realise they could make money by selling her back to her relatives. Her friends arrive and hurt Tom in exchange for payment. They give them the revenge comic and the group gets mad and chases after her with weapons.
#3 Cobalt0Chloride Animation, starting with the gang watching an advert for moving to Canada. It is spectacularly underwhelming and the group are glad they live in the UK, when a coke drops from the ceiling and Edd grabs it and is quickly whisked to Canada - quickly followed by the rest when they try to rescue him. After a brief conversation with a local Canadian, they are then advised to go to the airport. After a long tedious journey, they reach the airport.
#2 PivotRJ Animation, coming second to TORENOROSE's film. This short features Edd trying to paint eyes on Tom. However, when Tom realises this, he shoots himself (and that's why you don't give Tom eyes).
#1 TORENOROSE Stop-motion claymation, which contains, amongst others, a parody of ET, a cola can wreaking his revenge on Edd by drinking him and music videos to Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Caramelldansen and Andrew W.K.'s We Want Fun.


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