Edd Nogg is a 2007 animated short made by, and starring, Edd Gould and Ryan "Noggin" Boylett.


Noggin is walking along one day, when he gets hit by a baseball, which knocks him unconscious. Edd walks onto the screen with the baseball, when suddenly the baseball starts beeping and explodes, sending Edd flying. A smug Noggin then wakes up holding the detonation device, saying "Didn't see that one coming!". A plank of wood then falls from the roof and knocks him unconscious once again. Edd walks back into the house, looks at the unconscious Noggin, and then is also hit by a plank of wood.

The two wake up tied to a train track, with a train heading straight for them. However, the train suddenly derails and flies over Edd and Noggin, then lands back on the track. Noggin asks Edd, "Now what?", but Edd proceeds to shove Noggin and then says "You SMELL!", before another train appears and runs over the two.

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