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Edward Duncan Ernest "Edd" Gould was the creator of Eddsworld. He drew, animated, did voice work, and developed games for Eddsworld and other people on Newgrounds and YouTube.


Edd Gould was born on October 28, 1988, in Isleworth, England to Mother Sue Gould.[1][2] He has a sister named Vicky and a brother named George. He began animating with Macromedia Flash MX around November 2002.

He met Matt in primary school. Matt and Edd were both bullied, but they loved drawing. Edd also had some other friends such as David. When they went to secondary school, they became best friends. Around 2006, Edd had been diagnosed with Leukaemia. He had gotten over it, before he was diagnosed with it again. This was revealed April 16, 2011, in the video, "Edd vs Cancer". In this video, Tom, Matt, and himself discussed the diagnosis, and the future of "Hammer and Fail" and comics. They joke several times in the video.

The real Edd appeared at the end of the short "Fan Service", letting EddHeads know that his next project would take a while to make because of his cancer treatment. He also announced that a number of Eddsworld T-Shirts were available at the SharkRobot store.


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On Sunday, March 25, 2012, Edd Gould passed away after a six-year-battle with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Two days later, his passing was made public. Thomas Ridgewell and Matt Hargreaves announced Edd's passing on YouTube through the video RIP Edd Gould (1988-2012).[3] and a tweet was made on Gould's Twitter account.

Gould suddenly got sick when he was at home. He was watching Doctor Who at the time (an episode that was "funny"), and he got taken into hospital, where things got really bad really fast and the doctors were telling Gould's mom that "he was done". They were going to give him a week. Ridgewell explained, "his body just kind of freaked out and he slipped away really, really quickly".

Eddsworld was spotlighted by YouTube on March 30 and many people, including popular Newgrounds users and YouTubers, have voiced their condolences.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10] Several people posted animations,[11][12] claymations,[13] and pictures in tribute to Gould.[14]

Gould's funeral took place on Tuesday, April 10, 2012.[15][16]

A share of Edd's ashes were given to Matt and Tom.[17][18][19] Edds family buried theirs on Edd's 24th birthday, however, Matt spread his share near the Hollywood Sign. [Tomska's Day Out 6] and Tom put his in a box-like urn, with a black and white image of Edd and Tom on it. [Last Week I Saw A Mermaid]

RIP Edd Gould (1988-2012) Transcript

MATT: Hey Eddheads. (pause) We have some bad news.

TOM: On the morning of Sunday, 25 March, 2012, Edd Gould passed away after a six-year long battle with cancer.

MATT: Edd was taken into hospital with a fever, but he was very weak from the fight and his body just... gave up.

TOM: His mind, however, was so far from ready to quit. He really had no idea this was the end of his fight, so he left us without any fear. He wasn't afraid at all.

MATT: Edd always just saw this as an inconvenience, something that got in the way of him doing what he really loved to do. And that was making animations for all of you.

TOM: It sounds cliched, but that's really all Edd cared about. We watched him turn down a lot of business opportunities, work, and even the chance to have a TV show a couple of times, because he knew it would drive away from him, you, and the show. We won't go into the future of Eddsworld right now, but what I can tell you is that Edd left behind the first half of the next Eddisode (a two-parter). What I can promise you is that and the second half.

MATT: We've been overwhelmed by the amount of support Edd received online and through the mail. On YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, especially Tumblr, DeviantArt, Vokle, Newgrounds, B3ta, even the Eddsworld Forums. The list just goes on. It's been... amazing.

TOM: We, the friends and family of Edd, would like to take this moment to thank you for keeping him company and keeping him strong for all the months he's been in hospital. Thank you.

MATT: His legacy, though, will live. Through the hours of animation he's created and the thousands of people he's inspired and befriended... including us.

TOM: Edd may be gone, but his world will keep on spinning.



# Title Uploaded Role
1 Edd June 6, 2003 Animator, Writer
2 Conscience June 17, 2003 Animator, Writer
3 Bendee 4 September 8, 2003 Animator, Writer, Voice Actor
4 Cats Sleep Anywhere September 27, 2003 Animator, Writer
5 Eddy Baggypants: Halloween Special October 12, 2003 Animator, Writer
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7 Happy Birthday Bendee Stick November 7, 2003 Animator, Writer
8 Bendee 7 January 16, 2004 Animator, Writer, Voice Actor
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11 Bendee 8 July 4, 2004 Animator, Writer, Voice Actor
12 Fighting Fiction July 10, 2004 Animator, Writer
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21 Drum His Drums October 12, 2004 Animator, Writer
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24 Ewi3 October 31, 2004 Animator, Writer
25 Bendee's Second Birthday November 7, 2004 Animator, Writer
26 When the Best of the Worst Collide November 9, 2004 Co-Animator, Co-Writer
27 Edd Dwarf Clip December 2, 2004 Animator, Writer
28 Eddsworld Christmas Special December 15, 2004 Animator, Writer, Voice Actor
29 MeowMeow Fan Flash December 19, 2004 Animator, Writer
30 Oh Noes Teh Zombehs January 3, 2005 Animator, Writer, Voice Actor
31 Evil Dead - Scottman January 5, 2005 Animator, Writer
32 Happy Birthday Tord September 6, 2005 Animator, Writer
33 The Dudette Next Door September 18, 2005 Animator, Writer, Voice Actor
34 Tord Says: Whatever! September 21, 2005 Animator, Writer
35 Zombeh Attack October 4, 2005 Animator, Writer, Voice Actor
36 Behind the Scenes of Eddsworld October 8, 2005 Animator, Writer, Voice Actor
37 Edd vs Randomness October 10, 2005 Animator, Writer, Voice Actor
38 Eddsworld Halloween Short October 24, 2005 Animator, Writer, Voice Actor
39 Legendary Frog & Joanime November 27, 2005 Animator, Writer
40 Eddsworld Christmas Special '05 December 2, 2005 Animator, Writer, Voice Actor
41 The Holiday Heist December 5, 2005 Animator
42 Snobody December 18, 2005 Animator, Writer


# Title Uploaded Role
1 Bendee: The Game July 27, 2003 Programmer, Artist
2 Roadkill August 10, 2005 Programmer, Artist
3 Quest for Bacon June 16, 2006 Artist
4 Not-so Special Stage April 3, 2007 Artist
5 Bang, Boom, Splat! July 26, 2008 Artist



  • His favorite animation was WTFuture.[20]
  • He was actually a fan of dubstep.
  • He was a big Evil Dead and Doctor Who fan, having referenced both multiple times in his animations. He also enjoyed Homestuck and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, as stated on his Tumblr.
  • Edd used Adobe Flash CS3 Professional to create animations and comics.[21].
  • He was 6 feet and 3 inches (190.5 centimeters) tall.[22]
  • One of Edd's channels (Eddomation) was hacked. Jokes to Falcon Lover appeared in some of the video's descriptions.
  • According to his Tumblr Edd's favorite characters are his animated counterpart, Private Brains, Tom, Matt and Eduardo.[23]


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