"Edd" is the first flash animation made by Edd Gould. It was uploaded to Newgrounds on June 6, 2003 at 2:36 AM EDT. A sequel, Edd Again, was created in 2004. The animation centers on a plain stickman, a blonde stickman and a ginger-haired stickman.



The Earth

The video starts out with a head with a yellow DIR bucket hat with the word "EDDS WORLD" in red, bold letters. Then, as the head turns around, the opening credits roll.

The video starts with a zoom-in shot of Earth followed by a zoom-in to a set of multicoloured houses. The camera later shows a stickman using his computer to chat. He heads upstairs and goes to bed. He dreams of an eye, turning into a smiley face, which then turns into a gun shooting a bullet. Then a face appears, flashing "WAKE UP!!!" multiple times. He wakes up, walking down the sideways to a bus stop, riding on a red bus (with text that says "London United"). The bus stops at Orleans Park School. Then, he daydreams of blowing up the school with a remote control bomb. A ginger-haired stickman passes by. The plain stickman says "lo' Ginger", but the ginger-haired stickman says he's a "strawberry blonde". 7 hours later, the plain stickman heads back home, then uses his computer. The camera zooms out from the houses to an orbital view of Earth.



The three stick figures

  • The name of the shop near the end is "Olivers".
  • The poster in Olivers says "Olivers Mega Deals! Buy 1 and get the same one FULL PRICE!".
  • The person with the DIR hat is a reference to one of Edd's older characters, DIR Bwain, who can be seen in one of Edd's DeviantArt pictures.
  • The plain stickman in this video also appears in PowerEdd.

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