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Edd is the main protagonist of Eddsworld and is the avatar and animated counterpart of Edd Gould.


Edd has straight brown hair with points in some parts and wears a green hoodie with laces and brown khakis. Edd's shoes are green with laces. He wears a white "Smeg Head" shirt under his hoodie.


Edd's portrayals are inconsistent throughout his appearances. Edd is sometimes portrayed as carefree, Adventurous, and/or self-centered depending on the situation. One of Edd's more consistent characteristics is a strong obsession with Coca Cola and Bacon.

Portrayal throughout Eddsworld: Legacy

Throughout Eddsworld: Legacy, Edd is portrayed as more generous and kind. Edd showed concern for Tom throughout The End, quickly regenerated Matt's arm with a healing gun in Space Face after it was blasted off by Tom, gave Tord a warm welcome home and a hug in "The End", worried about Matt's safety in "Hammer & Fail (Part 2, Rooftop Rumble)", and tried to feed a mostly limbless zombie candy floss in "Fundead" (Edd mistook the zombie for a starving individual).


Edd's Classic Design

Edd's Classic Design

No...not the Cola Machine!

–Edd, Zombeh Attack

Once again Coke saves the day.

–Edd, Zanta Claws

Wow, Tom, I guess you wanted to celebrate Christmas all along! Oh.... Tom...No... Tom, Don't Do it! Tom, don't you burn that tree down! DO NOT BURN THAT TREE DOWN! Arrgh, ya did it....

–Edd, Space Face


–Edd, Hello Hellhole

I STILL don't see what this has to do with US.

–Edd, Space Face (part 1)

Lalalalalalala...Ooh, a can! SHOVE! Lalalalalalala...

–Edd, WTFuture

It's pretty swell!

–Edd, His catchphrase


–Edd, Hammer & Fail (part 1)


Edd from the Future

Edd's future self

Edd's future self from WTFuture comes from an alternate universe where Coke has been outlawed as a drug. Because of the trauma that came from this outlawing, this Edd hunts down the "past" Edd so this timeline could never be experienced.

Sir Edd, Eddius, Eddison, and Edg

Sir Edd, Eddius, Eddison, and Edg appear in "WTFuture" as a backup for Edd's future self's "Army of Me's". They became frightened by modern things and went ballistic. Here are their time periods:

  • Eddison was from the Victorian Era.
  • Sir Edd is from the Middle Age.
  • Eddius came from the height of the Roman Empire.
  • Edg seemed to originate from the early Stone Age. Edg made a cameo in part two of "The End" as the frozen man in the household refrigerator.



Eddie is an American Edd parody made by Joe Gran (ukinojoe). Eddie is obese, has a beard and cap, and is a stereotypical frat boy. Eddie along with Tommie discuss dates and make fun of Mattie.



Ell is a female counterpart of Edd who appeared in "Mirror Mirror". Ell, along with female counterparts of Matt and Tom named Matilda and Tamara, fight off an evil genie named Dazeem in their quest to eat a free box of donuts. Ell is voiced by Vicky Gould.

Voice Change

Due to the passing of Edd Gould, Edd's voice changed to Tim Hautekiet beginning in part two of Space Face. Tom has stated while he originally wanted to hire someone who had a similar voice to Edd, they decided to give him a more "emotive" voice that was slightly higher and squeakier.

After the completion of Eddsworld: Legacy and Tim's subsequent departure from the show, Edd Gould's brother, George Gould, took on the role of Edd for Eddsworld Beyond.

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