Dental Appointment is a short made by Edd and released on June 14, 2010. It features a man going to his first dental appointment.


Mr. Edwards is sitting in the waiting room and is called by Dr. Names (The Dentist). He comes into the room and Dr. Names tells him to sit in the chair. Dr. Names asks him if this is his first time at the dentist's, with Mr. Edwards replying it is and that he's nervous. Dr. Names assures him that he has nothing to be worried about. He puts on his mask and taps one of his teeth with a dental explorer, only for the tooth he tapped to suddenly go down.

Dr. Names remarks how slightly odd that was when the teeth in Mr. Edward's mouth start dancing to music. Dr. Names tries to take another look, but is startled when a tooth tells him to back off and threatens him with a gun. He says that he had a hard life, knowing that every day could be his last. He demands that all of that will stop now. Names pulls out a gun and aims it at the tooth. The tooth then calls out to the other teeth and they pull out guns too. Names quickly grabs a hand grenade from a drawer and pulls out the pin. He then sticks the grenade in Mr. Edwards' mouth, but not before telling the teeth "I'll see you... in tooth hell!" The grenade explodes, making Mr. Edwards's head inflate and deflate. Dr. Names tells him that the check up was all done and that he should not open his mouth for three days.

Afterwards, Mr. Edwards is seen looking at a mirror with his mouth open. One of his teeth is lying down on his tongue, saying that he can't feel his roots.

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  • In the beginning of the short, Edd is seen sitting next to Mr. Edwards, reading a magazine about Rhinoplasty. This is a reference to the fact that most characters in Eddsworld have no nose.
  • Mr. Edwards' teeth keep on disappearing. First there's 8, then 6 and finally 5.
  • Dr. Names and Mr. Edwards have noses, a very uncommon design in Edd's art style.
  • This is (one of) the first Eddisode(s) where Edd appears, but is not a main character.

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